peacock feathers and endeavour –aspiring writer Victor asks

When it comes to fashion, one of the most common over-looming topics comes into mind; internships. While internships can be seen as effective as a means of gathering future contacts and putting oneself on the map, there have been some cases where internships go awry. Hungry for acknowledgement in the industry, young people flock to fill any spaces available. Not to forget other industries such as acting, overcrowded with well-versed actors, all fighting for the same few lines in a role, potentially launching them into stardom. In an interview for Schön! Magazine, top actress Lucy Liu recalls “Opportunities for Asian actors were very limited. It was not easy at all…It was a long journey.” Which beckons the question, what does this mean for fashion?

Fashion is often portrayed to be seen as frivolous and solely based upon appearance – imposing sunglasses and searing hot coffee. On the contrary, fashion has proved itself to become one of the most lucrative industries in the world, where real talent, mixed with hard work receives much anticipated recognition. However, the answer is not that rudimentary. The Elementary actress states “I did a bunch of regional theatre and odd jobs, just trying to get my foot in the door.” Which is no disinformation when it comes to the fashion industry; effortful interns, scrambling around the city, running countless errands, only to return back ‘dirty, tired and paunchy’ wondering “How did Andrea do it?”

Yet, as all fashion interns can agree, mixing endeavour with resilience is sure to achieve childhood dreams. For Liu’s interview, she assures aspiring actors that ‘A break finally came in for a regular role as Amy Li on American sit-com Pearl’. Reflective of fashion, small roles are able to build not only a portfolio or resumè, but both thick-skin and a strong backbone. Even more importantly, it provides naïve young fashion enthusiasts with a realistic insight into fashion. Thoughts of showing up ‘fashionably late’, pretentiously holding a coffee, a town car? Unfortunately not. Though this route feels hopeless; endlessly rowing alone into the distance, filled with mysterious shapes of avant-garde hats and peacock feathers, interns receive a front-row seat at how fashion works – how all the pieces fall into place and run together to create a creative body of work. Which concludes with the same question, is getting into fashion that rudimentary? Certainly not.

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