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As a Buddhist I don't really celebrate Christmas, but I suppose it's always nice to receive a gift around Christmas and give that joy to others too. As usual, black is the colour scheme I chose for my presents this year. Lately, I've been inspired by men who dress simply but masculine at the same time. I love the idea of a casual, slightly oversized suit, teamed with sunnies, a mens clutch and even sneakers to add a youthful flair. I think the classic suit will always be timeless and in-vogue, obviously, but sometimes it can be repetitive and boring.

Almost every guy wears a navy suit, with a crisp white shirt and a plain briefcase. I mean, where I study, all you have to do is turn 360 degrees and you can catch that outfit 5 times (I just did it and I saw 6). I think it's always nice to stand out from the crowd; wear something bold and different! Something that makes you feel a little special.

-Leather Martin Wallet is Marc by Marc Jacobs - £87
-Leonard Sunglasses are Illesteva - £111
-Quitterie Large Pouch is Delfonics - £17
-Sheffield 40mm Watch is Daniel Wellington - £144
-Hadrian Sunglasses are Paul Smith - £189




The mass production of cheap clothes is something that has always been on my mind. I'm sure I'm not the first blogger to address this issue and I'm also sure I won't be the last. The mass production of cheap clothes, usually takes place within a sweatshop, a factory which violates 2 or more labor laws. These sweatshops can be horrendous; having unfair wages, using child labor, with exhausting hours, all for an unfair wage. In some cases, if a parent is unable to find a well paid job, the child, with an average age between 5-14 becomes the breadwinner for the family.

In 2013, we saw the collapse of a Bangladesh sweatshop before our eyes, with a death toll reaching nearly 400. Despite a large crack in the building, around 3, 000 workers continued into the building to begin their day, making clothes for Primark and Matalan. What saddens me is that even though there was a huge warning, cracked across several parts of the building, the workers still continued, trying to earn what they could for their families. The owner of he building, Mohammed Sohel Rana, was arrested as he attempted to flee to India. He is held for illegal construction, forcing employees to work and for his negligence. It was later reported that Rana had goals for adding an additional 5 stories, on top of an already weak 8 story building.

After this gruesome disaster, many fashion brands decided to either adopt or reinforce their already existing ethical collections. The biggest example, comes from the world's second largest retailer, H&M. H&M is one of the most influential brands across the world, having done several collaborations with designers such as Lanvin, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and most recently Alexander Wang, to be released in November. CEO of H&M, Karl-Johan Persson aims to "Set ourselves the challenge of ultimately making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable." The Swedish retailer has 7 commitments which they swear by, which can be read here.

Hopefully, with the help of major fashion retailers and designers, ethical and sustainable fashion will be more prominent in stores. We need to commercialise sustainable fashion, with more obvious store-fronts and displays for customers to see what they're buying. I think we have all unintentionally bought unethical clothes, at least once, which was produced in a sweatshop. For example, if just we need a simple t-shirt, we pick up a cheap one from an inexpensive store, without realising the hard-work behind it. Multinational food and beverage company, Nestlé, has fiercely promoted their 'Fair Trade' ingredients, which has now become ubiquitous. Fashion stores need to adopt and promote their concious collections more widely, so that customers can purchase the items and support to sustainable and ethical fashion.

To find out more about ethical and sustainable fashion, visit H&M's website here and click here to shop the looks. Remember, sustainable fashion, doesn't have to mean ugly fashion.



The weather is starting to get much colder and more grey so it's time to wrap up for fall. This season, my style will focus on casual, comfort and style. Like a neat shirt, tucked into chic jeans, finished with casual trainers. Of course my colour choices still remain in the grey zone! Check out EastDane.com and see their awesome fall/winter lookbooks.

- The skinny jeans are from Native Youth - £50
- The wool sweater is N.Hoolywood - £312
- The sneakers are Our Legacy - £176
- The man coat is Ones Stroke - £378
- The ergo shirt is Opening Ceremony - £167

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For his third collection at Louis Vuitton, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere  has created a contemporary version of the 21st century. The clothes that walked down the runway this season were stylish, with subtle hints of each era. For example look #2 and with the 70s denim and simple blazer. Or look #3 and it's 60s mod print. What I love about this collection is that the clothes look luxurious; with unique shapes and materials used. Or the rich colours and patterns printed onto tops, bags and even the heels.

The styling of this show was impeccable, I love the way he combined loud orange with quiet whites. Or a green sweater, tucked into a skirt with a slit on the front, teamed with black boots. The textures also added to this collection, from the soft wools with plastic. I think this collection is what I'd call outside-the-box thinking, juxtaposing harsher materials with softer ones, to create a tension between the clothes.




I think Valentino is one of those brands where you can trust that the designers will always deliver elegance, style and grace and for their latest collection, duo designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli took us on a gypsy adventure. The show was opened by Yana Van Ginneken who wore a stunning navy dress, which had a floral pattern, with sections cut out to create a lace effect. She was finished with a pair of knee-length gladiator sandals, with her hair tucked back with simple make-up. The tone of navy was spread across other looks, before full length patterned gowns appeared on the runway. These had a bandanna style to them, in tones of greens and blues. Another inspiration for this collection was the sea, an underwater fantasy. For example look #3, which came in 3 different styles, all with the same neapolitan ice-cream tones of pink, cream and chocolate. These dresses flowed easily down the runway, moving effortlessly, like an underwater creature floating around.

The last few gowns stunned everyone in the audience. The dresses looked light, ethereal and like a fantasy. These dresses appeared in sheer materials, with amazing detailing. They had unique prints of different starfish, little sea creatures and even ships. They looked stunningly beautiful. I really enjoyed watching this show; the silhouettes, the shapes, the movement, the materials, even the music added together to create a harmonious collection.




As a blogger, one of the most difficult tasks I have is to cut looks from a show and it was the most difficult today. In his latest runway, the set was a street in France, held in the Grand Palais, one of the biggest venues used for hosting a runway show and today, it held a feminist protest. Top-model Cara Delevingne was at the front, marching the girls along the street, chanting "What do we want?" "Free!" The protest boards read 'Free freedom', 'Ladies First', 'Fashion not war' among many others. In terms of this collection, I'd have to say it is pretty close to perfect.

It's interesting to see the change in Lagerfeld's collections, think back to Couture Fall 2010, where models wore strict suits, with a fur lining on the sleeves and the hem of skirts. This was a look that only a editor could wear, like Anna Wintour who quickly adopted this elegant style in her daily wardrobe. But as his collections past, the style and the clothes became more youthful, like Fall 2013's simple tweed jackets, with a black skirt and thigh-high skin-tight leather boots, or more recently Fall 2014's sneakers. And for Spring 2015, the clothes carried a rebellious and youthful air in the clothes. I loved the opening of the clothes, with the very colourful outfits, this colour scheme was printed onto boots, the lining of jackets and even shirts. Then came the 70s camo, over-sized, casual and effortless. Before finally injecting his Karlism into the show, with sharp collars and tailored suits. I think there's something for everyone this season, the young 70s girl to the chic woman.




As always in his collections, Hedi Slimane uses elements of Rock culture and music and this collection was no different. The looks this season were infused with both masculinity and femininity. The show was opened with a short dress, which hung on one of the model's shoulder, the dress had printed cherries on it and was finished with golden platforms. This silhouette was copied onto other looks too, such as a gold mini with spaghetti straps. Soon came the masculine looks, which had a formula of an unbuttoned shirt, stripped blazer, either short leather shorts, or long black trousers, finished with a tied scarf around the neck and high-heels. This look reminds me of something Anita Pallenburg or Mick Jagger would wear.

It was interesting to do research for this post, because looking at either Anita or Mick's style, it is very similar to what Hedi Slimane designs for Saint Laurent. The 70s carried an attitude of nonchalance and shabby chic and the styling was much more masculine, always finished with a statement piece. Such as the beautiful fur pieces in this show.I love the sleeve of look #5 or the green piece of look #8. I guess if you're looking for a designer who creates luxurious rock clothes, then Hedi is your man. But it will be quite some time before we see ball gowns and romantic dresses from him.




What I love about this collection is that it is pure sex-appeal. For a couple of seasons now, Riccardo Tisci has lost 'sex' as a component for his collections, due to the baggy and iconic sweaters he designs each season. But for this collection, he has gone back to the core of his first collections, which is almost 10 years ago now, which featured tighter clothing and more obvious sex appeal. I loved the shoes from this collection, they were skin tight open-toed boots, which inched away from the hem of a skirt or dress, exaggerating the allure of a woman. The show also featured some famous faces, such as Natasha Poly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Mariacarla Boscono.

The set was like a maze this season, where models walked their way through the crowd along to a subtle beat. I really adore the hair and make-up of this collection too, with the bleached brows. This wild look, was tamed with simple hair and minimal make-up. I think the clothes this season are much more sexier than before, the clothes are much more fitted, yet not revealing. Revealing clothes are too obvious for sex-appeal, whereas clothes which use tight leather and thigh-high boots play with imagination, creating connotations of desire and alluring. One of my favourites this season.



Creative director at Chole, Clare Waight Keller designed a casual yet elegant collection for this season. The show was opened by Sanne Vloet who wore a white hippie dress, with nude tone sandals. This pure white was quickly infused with tones of navy, blues and tans, soon after. The looks were very pretty and functional at the same time. There was an element of perfection; because the outfits were elegant, not excessive. The styling for the show was very clean, with simple hair and minimal make-up which I was fond of.

I think this collection is great, Keller has delivered yet another great collection for Chloe. As a blogger, I like to think about the wearability of the clothes as well. As I said before, it's great to design creative and avant-garde style clothing, but for ready-to-wear, the clothes need to be ready to be worn by consumers. I think this collection is very wearable, I particularly like the easy elegance of this collection, which isn't too over-the-top, but very refined and simple. On the 27th of September, Gaby Aghion, who originally founded the brand in 1952 sadly passed away and this collection was a dedication to her.




If before I ever said anything about a show being wonderfully theatrical, I take it all back. THIS SHOW WAS THEATRE! This was Jean Paul Gaultier's last ready-to-wear collection, because he said he wanted to focus on his couture and perfume branch. The theme for this collection was 'Élection​ de Miss Jean Paul Gaultier 2015' and there were 8 rounds, each with different clothes and different models and it was genius. The first featured monochrome looks, with stripped prints and double-breasted blazers for women, similar to what Madonna wore in her 'Vogue' music video. Then came the Tour De France round, where models wore skin-tight cycling pants, with their hair cornrowed back for a lean and athletic look. This was followed by a cute wet and rainy round, opened by Sasha Luss who walked daintily down the runway, holding an umbrella. Then, came my favourite round. The editors round, which featured Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, Suzy Menkes and even Franca Sozzani. This round got the whole audience cheering and laughing along with JPG.

Soon after, came the WAGs round with Karlie Kloss, Liu Wen and Alessandra Ambrosio who wore football inspired outfits, with clashing bandanna prints and vintage denim. Then we had older women walking on the runway, but don't be fooled! These women may trick you with their full skirts, but they also wore punk leather jackets and killed it on the runway, with a male model on their arms of course! The penultimate round was the Smokin' Hot round, where models wore simple black outfits. With shiny metal dresses being interspersed with the black colours. And the final round was the Nacho Libre round, which was shown with 'Eye Of The Tiger' bursting through the speakers. I really, really enjoyed watching this show. It was so much fun and everyone had a good time. The theme was just genius, JP could not have done anything that was more 'him' than what he did. The winner of the show was none other than Coco Rocha, who gracefully 'fainted', then got back up to accept her crown. At the end, all the models were dancing where Jean Paul ran out and gave his signature smile; a happy ending of Jean Paul Gaultier's ready-to-wear collections. Au revoir!




Tonight's Lanvin show saw the celebration of Alber Elbaz's love for women. The clothes he created this season were stunningly timeless, classic and sophisticated. The House of Lanvin celebrates it's 125th year, making it one of the oldest couture houses. To draw influence for his latest collection, Elbaz visited the Lanvin archive, with original pieces by Jeanne Lanvin herself. He said that the clothes were very sophisticated and chic, using simple lines and colour combinations such as gold and black and the famous house blue (#2). For the casting of Spring 2015, he went back and looked at all the models he had used previously in his shows, such as Amber Valletta, Kirsten Owen, Violetta Sanchez, Natasa Vojnovic, and more iconic names.

For a designer, I think it's so easy to design and draw your own creations. Creations which can be really wild and imaginative. But it's also easy to lose your customer's needs at the same time. Some designers (especially young designers) create wild clothes, some which are even unwearable in daily life. And for Elbaz, who's been doing this for a long time, he knows what the Lanvin woman wants. He designs sophisticated and elegant clothing, the cast for Spring 2015 featured models of a broad age range, which will appeal to older women. When I was watching the original show, it was very nice to hear the crowd cheering and roaring for Elbaz and I can clearly see why.




In his collections, the Balmain woman that Oliver Rousteing creates is always strong, always confident and always sexy. The show opened with a monochromatic pallet, which Rousteing mentions is about censorship of sex on the internet. He argues that sexuality is something that people want to see and want to talk about. For his Spring collection, he was inspired by the saying "Express yourself! Don't repress yourself." The collection is very streamlined and very futuristic, but there is also an element of 80s Glam, with the high-waisted bottoms and over the top sex appeal.

I like how Oliver played with sexiness. He said that sexiness is not about creating short, skin-tight dresses. And so with this collection, there is sheer materials, the display of skin here and there and the fiery colours he'd chosen. Overall, this is another great collection from Oliver Rousteing.




Alexander Wang is doing very well at Balenciaga; season after season he hits collections out of the park. This summer, he spent his time in France during the Tour De France which he said inspired this collection. The clothes looked athletic and lean, sunglasses like a cycler's and shoes as though they were stuck to a pedal. However, he also teamed couture elements into this collection, such as the netting on dresses, and the amazing materials used on looks #5 and #6.

Wang frequently uses sporty themes in his collections, which is what he's always done. He enjoys teaming sport with street wear, and with his Balenciaga collections, he teams both sport and street, with high fashion and couture. I like the sleek look of this collection, the models look sharp and clean. The dresses look chic and youthful at the same time. If this is what he enjoys doing, then he's doing an excellent job at Balenciaga.



For Spring 2015, Dries Van Noten was inspired by John Everett Millais' Ophelia painting and after looking at the painting myself, I clearly saw the influence. In the painting, we see Ophelia laying on the water, looking into the sky. She lies in the stream, in a dress, with flowers adorning her. And in this collection, I see a strong influence of nature and relaxation. I loved the set of this runway, the beautiful moss flooring and the subtle lighting of the runway, like sunlight through the branches of trees. In terms of the collection, I liked the mix of soft and hard materials. I love the light coloured silk, the pyjama material pants and the ethereal skirts.

I adore how this collection carries a mood of nonchalance and a relaxed element to it. My favourite looks are #6 and #7. I love those trousers! The prints are just lovely, with the dropped-crotch trousers, the oversized bomber jackets and spacious t-shirt tunics finished with effortless sandals. This collection meets ethereal and casual which were easy and elegant.




Spain is the new Sicily for designers Dolce and Gabbana; this season, the designer duo took us on a Spanish fiesta! After the latest menswear collection, which featured reds, Spanish bulls and matador outfits, Dolce and Gabbana tied that into their latest womenswear show. The show began with short playful dresses, where the top half featured beautiful deatiling of golden flowers and red diamonds, which was finished with a black silk skirt. Then came beautiful romantic full gowns, which was styled very simply, with black strap heels.

The strangest part of the show, came from models carrying boxes down the runway. In these boxes were strange little dolls of Dolce and Gabbana women and I have no idea why. Anyways, I do like this collection (well most of Dolce and Gabbana's collections), because it was very theatrical. I loved the colours which was used, the reds were so rich and intense, with the harshness of black against it. The detailing was by far, the best. I loved the detailing on jackets, jeans, dresses, shoes and even the phone cases. Also, when looking around online, I found out that some of the heels actually open - they were like glass heels, that opened and a little doll was inside, how amazing is that?




At Versace tonight, Donatella showed a much more simpler and stripped-down collection than before. There were no seashell embellishments, or sharp pins holding looks together, just glitter. The show was opened by Vanessa Moody, who wore a stitched ensemble, similar to the detailing at Prada. She wore an all black, simple look. This tone was pulled across several more, until the mesh handbags had made it's way onto the clothes. Versace showed mesh which she coloured with light mint beneath, before using black tones to give it an ultimate sex appeal.

Donatella very cleverly used the Versace logo, printed onto shirts in a Wahorlian effort - colour blocked and abstractly, this piece will be very popular among young Versace fans. The next set of clothes were cocktail dresses, which was made using shimmer materials. Some of these cocktails dresses are very reminiscent of Gianni's last couture collection before he died, which is pumped with vitality and colour. Donatella didn't play around this season with fussy evening dresses, but instead, she opted for simple lines and sexy dressing.




Known for having one of the most extravagant runways, Muiccia Prada didn't disappoint this season; the runway was made up of lilac sand, which looked like heavy dunes. When thinking about this, compared to her past runways, this creates some sort of imbalance to luxury. That is what this collection was about, Miuccia created coats with visible stitching on the lines and to further this, she also added diamond necklaces on other looks to create an incongruous fit of luxury and imperfection. Backstage, Prada said "Beauty is an impossibility", which is why clothes were pieced together, tied by strings, ready to be stitched.

I love how Prada is commercially known for super-luxe items, like fine handbags and scarves made with the silkiest silks. Yet, in her runway, she creates clothes with messages. For example, last seasons Mexican political murals which packed meaning into the runway. And this season, which I interpret as the imbalance in society. An imbalance of the wealthy and the poor, who are tied together, to make up the world - even though we have different backgrounds, we all contribute to the same thing.




I wasn't planning on going to review Gucci and how wrong would that have been. When I was clicking through the slides and watching the show back, I was amazed at what Frida did this season. I loved the colours that she used, the daring oranges, the bold reds and the silky blues. I loved the way the clothes moved so easily down the runway with little restriction. She made the clothes softer, easier to wear - it seems as though designers are all becoming commercially aware, tying both their artistic vision and the customer together. The collection really looks luxurious, for example the coloured suedes, teamed with silk neck scarves.

If there were any restrictions, it would've came from the beautiful snakeskin outfit from look #6. With this, there also seems to be a small element of utilitarian and functionalism. I love the masculinity of the outfit, with a touch of girlishness in the print. However, my favourite has to be the last two looks. The colour choices were amazing and I'm also getting a sense of Chinese tailoring here; the sheer, the prints and the finishing added to the lines. Frida is among Versace in creating and using the most beautiful colours in shows and I love it.



When it comes to fashion season, Milan is by far my favourite city. I love how the designers here make full use of colours, shapes, tailoring and precision. And that's what happened today at Fendi. For Spring 2015, Silvia and Karl designed another beautiful Fendi collection. For the first time, they designers used denim on the runway; it looked cool and relaxed. This collection focused on freedom of movement and easy flows. For example look #5 and the generous sized trousers, giving a chic yet casual look. But of course, the designers pulled the casual back, with tailored blazers and sharp tops. There were also amazing laser-cut fringe on the runway (not pictured) which was cut onto tops.

My personal favourite is look #3 and #7. #3 looks super elegant and refined, the whole ensemble is really neat and tidy which makes it very stylish. But then I love the explosiveness of #7 and how it is very feminine and fun. This is yet another great collection from Fendi. The designers created a long runway this season, which models walked elegantly along, and you can tell, the legacy for Fendi will also be a long road.




There is probably only one word to describe this collection - YES. This collection is amazing. Even 'amazing' would be an understatement. In my eyes, this collection is Tom's best. I love the idea of a strong, confident, sexy woman and that is exactly what Mr. Ford gave us this season. I love how he played with a pant-suit, adding a flair on the trousers, or a low cut on the chest. Or the tights that came so short on the thigh, to add loads of sex appeal. And the chunky platform to exaggerate the ideals of sexiness. The soundtrack for this season was 'Addicted to Love', which was sung by a very sexy, very slow and feminine voice. Even something that subtle can affect a whole collection.

Hair stylist for the show Sam McKnight said that there were influences of Debbie Harry, hence the messy, punk'd, rock 'n' roll hair, which she often sported during the 70s. He even went on to saying "It looks like she had sex in it, slept in it and then went out the next day with it. It's sex hair." When researching for this, I read a few nasty comments about the models and this collection, but I think they are wrong. This collection is amazing.



I personally felt a little disappointed with Burberry and Christopher Bailey this season, this is because nothing was new. I feel like I've seen this all before. When he showed menswear looks in this show, they were the exact ones from the mens' season before. Bailey used the same silhouettes from his past collections too, for example a shirt, which was tucked into a pencil skirt. However, there are some parts of this collection I do like. For example, I love the way he played with sheer materials, especially the multi toned versions, it looks really unique and special. And the way he added black tones on the ends of yellows and purples to create a darker side of Burberry.

I also adored his message this season, the idea of freedom. He said that the sport shoes were added to create a sense of freedom, and a 'running in the meadow' feel. With this, he teamed light and summery dresses to support the ideas of freedom. Some looks did really stand out, but a collection with 30+ looks is too much and there are definitely some he could've cut out. This raises some concern as Dolce and Gabbana tend to do the same thing - repetitive outfits and far too many looks...what do you think?




For any blogger out there who's reviewing fashion shows, I seriously recommend finding the original soundtrack that was played at the show. This is something I do all the time, when you listen to the music, you find that both the clothes and the music match perfectly. Topshop Unique showed their collection along with Fun Boy Three's 'Our Lips Are Sealed'. There is a strong British vibe in this collection, in terms of the 60s styling, the mod jackets and the easy-going sandals. The collection used primary colours of reds and blues, which was often teamed with either whites or blacks, to let the colours speak for themselves. The army was led by none other than Cara Delevingne and her close friend Jourdan Dunn, which makes sense as they often appear in their ad campaigns.

I like how this collection carries both style, but also an easy, wearable feel with it. The clothes don't look heavy, which is perfect for summer. I'm feeling sporty vibes with the looks, like look #1 and it's tennis feel, or look #5 and the materials used. I frequently hear people asking why is there even a Topshop show? Well, I guess it's because it's different to their main brand. The clothes in the store are more commercial aware, asking what will our customers most likely wear? Whereas at Topshop Unique, they can play around more and design clothes for more fashion daring people.




So this season, I was invited to see a couple of LFW shows and it was amazing. Jamie Wei Huang was on my schedule of Day 1 and it was mind-blowing. I sat second row, and watched as models walked down the runway it utilitarian, minimalist yet edgy clothing. The models moved with such confidence and power down the runway. The clothes this season were very urban, very street-wear, but it kept an element of tailoring and precision. I liked how pockets were turned into bags that stuck onto clothing, how mini-satchels were attached to the waist of the models. Even the shoes were beautiful - stunningly high, yet classy at the same time.

I really enjoyed the show and I'm very grateful that I went. I sat second row, second row. It was amazing! The music was really, really good. I took pictures, rocked my head along with the music and I really enjoyed myself. I've made so many new contacts and built so many positive relationships already. I have a couple more shows this season and I cannot wait to blog about them. For constant updates from me this season, check out my instagram.




Michael Kors presented a bright and happy collection this season, the bright yellows, the clean whites, the safe creams created a beautiful collection this season. The first looks were very white and minimalist (it seems as though minimalism is going to be big this season), the models wore clean white tops with full skirts and nude-tone sandals. Then came the fresh yellows and sheer skirts with flowers attached onto them - these were broken apart with a knotted tan belt. The models wore their hair loose, with blushed cheeks to create a European, boho girl look, which worked in favour of the bright collection.

This collection is great! I really like how Kors used white as a base tone like a canvas, and painted the clothes with bright yellows and soft blues. The collection has a strong romantic, innocent feel to it which is great. But what works is that it still speaks luxury and wealth, as well as young and fresh. Yes, the concept is definitely fresh.




The collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs this season was more punk than before. Designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier created a youthful collection, injected with a strong punk flair. The colour scheme was mainly monochrome, with various tones of rebellious yellows and blues. The collection carries a British Punk theme in the clothes, with the t-shirts teamed with layered and pleated skirts. To reinforce the Punk genre, the models sported tight PVC stockings, like Versace and Chanel Fall 2013.

I think fashion is changing, for the better. Clothes are becoming more and more youthful, because the fashion industry is being opened to a younger audience. Musicians, actors, personalities are becoming more aware that fashion is the norm and looking good is the norm. These icons usually inspire kids, and so if they're interested in fashion, then so are the teens. And so designers know to design cooler, edgier, younger clothes for them. This is great, the collection is really cool. I really enjoyed the PVC looks, very sexy and gang-vibes. The monochrome makes it even more even more dangerous and punk and I love it.




Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her body-con dresses back when she first debuted. The first wave of change came with her Fall 2013 collection, where shapes and silhouettes became relaxed and loosened. This created a nonchalant and casual vibe within the clothes which was much more contemporary and much more versatile. It's a big debate as to whether Victoria actually designs the clothes herself, or just sticks a label with her name on the back. But, whoever designed this collection certainly knows what they're doing. The clothes moved with ease on the runway, the clothes are casual yet refined and sophisticated, which is classically Victoria.

This collection is very nice, I really enjoyed the simple and clean looks that were presented. My particular favourites were the geometric dress - I like the illusion, it's very different. I also liked the dark maroon looks, the colour choice if perfect and it screams luxury. Maroon is definitely the new cream. And the final floral looks, they aren't my personal favourites, but there definitely some young fans who'd love the outfits. All in all, a great collection.




Sophistication and sport - this is what Wang's collection was about this season. The show began with clean and sharp tailoring in the forms of tidy trousers and chic shapes, with the materials clinging onto the models' bodies as they walked down the runway. Wang took sport to the extreme this season, drawing influence from sporty shoes to create body-con dresses (look #2). Later in the show, the tight looks were loosened into short skirts, with a pleated hem and with this, the model often wore a tight top to create an imbalance in shapes.

I really like this collection, I think it's more feminine compared to his last collection, which appeared as quite strict and military-like. This season, there were more elements of sharp tailoring, but these looks showed skin which is perfect for women. Although, I am feeling some Victoria Beckham vibes here, like the multi-layered top, which was teamed with a short skirt - which was very modern, very minimalist and sexy. I think that this collection is a lot more playful and wearable, and it'll be pretty soon before you see look #4 all over Zara.




For some, fashion week doesn't start until Jason Wu or Alexander Wang and tonight, Jason Wu ruffled some feathers. According to sources, Jason Wu has sold a majority stake in his brand to a company called InterLuxe. This means we'll be seeing lots of new commercial fashion for the brand, including perfumes, flagship stores, bags and other accessories. Some would argue that this would dilute his brand, making it less 'special' and just another company. His collection this year was rather minimal and neat, compared to his past bolder collections. This year, the looks had a very well-kept, clean look about them.

I have mixed feelings about this collection, I like the minimal touches, because well, I'm a minimalist. But when compared to his past collections, this one is really boring. It's far too concious about wearability and commercial flair, no interesting shapes or daring laces with leather. I guess this is Wu's way of hinting about the brand he'd like to build in the future, which I think will shake off his younger fans, but it will attract an older, richer audience.




New York Fashion Week is finally here, and to kick off the season of dieting, wearing the highest heels and being in the moment of fashion, is VFiles. VFiles is probably one of the best brands to showcase up and coming, international new talent. They showcase up to 4 designers each year, who show around 10 looks from their collections, giving press, buyers and fellow fashionistas a chance to catch a a glimpse of their talent. This year's collections come from Tigran Avetisyan, Hye Gin Hamm, Dasha Selyanova and Detto Kazuma. I've divided each designer into 2 looks from their collections above.

I really enjoyed the looks from the first row, Avetisyan's looks are very current and in-style. His collection evoked a youthful flair with urban influences, which is very similar to Raf Simons' Spring 2014, with the colourful tops and bold prints which was very popular among artists such as CL and Rihanna. I also enjoyed Gin Hamm's looks, there was a hybrid of western and Korean culture mixed into the spirit of the clothes. The clothes look very wearable and very casual, maintaining a minimal and fashion-conscious vibe.

The second row may not be my most favourite, probably because they are way too sporty. Selyanova's clothes is nothing new, the materials used, the combination of sporty shoes, it's very expected. When you think of sporty, this is what you imagine. And as a new designer, you want to blow everyone away and shatter the conventions of that look. Furthermore, Kazuma's looks also fall short for me. I don't think these are the most 'common' or 'popular' looks amongst men, and you'd have to be either really brave, or really crazy to wear them.




All looks from EastDane.com

School is coming soon and it's time to prepare some killer looks for the fall/winter seasons. I wanted to do a simple outfit today and I chose various items from different designers such as Carven and 3.1 Phillip Lim. EastDane.com is also doing a special 'Back To School' collection, showcasing perfect looks for school which are casual and simple.

- The knit cable is from Carven - £357
- The trousers are Theory - £147
- The dress shoes are MSGM - £288
- The backpack is 3.1 Phillip Lim - £685
- The simple watch is Braun - £131

I'll do another outfit post soon, featuring all my new items that I bought. In the mean time, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Tumblr, for daily fashion posts.




Su Hui

So I went out yesterday and I decided to do a little street style session in London. It was very fun, but a lot of work. Surprisingly, these fashionable girls walk very fast! I had to chase some of them down, asking them to pose for a quick picture. All of them were very friendly and were more than happy to pose for me. I went to Oxford Street, Carnaby Village and Brick Lane, scouting for trendy outfits. Check them out and let me know which one is your favourite.






I might do another street-style session soon, who knows? But in the meantime, I'll continue to keep the blog updated with all things fashion and other personal projects. Don't forget to leave a comment of your favourite outfit below. I'll write another post soon and I'll see you there.

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