When it comes to fashion season, Milan is by far my favourite city. I love how the designers here make full use of colours, shapes, tailoring and precision. And that's what happened today at Fendi. For Spring 2015, Silvia and Karl designed another beautiful Fendi collection. For the first time, they designers used denim on the runway; it looked cool and relaxed. This collection focused on freedom of movement and easy flows. For example look #5 and the generous sized trousers, giving a chic yet casual look. But of course, the designers pulled the casual back, with tailored blazers and sharp tops. There were also amazing laser-cut fringe on the runway (not pictured) which was cut onto tops.

My personal favourite is look #3 and #7. #3 looks super elegant and refined, the whole ensemble is really neat and tidy which makes it very stylish. But then I love the explosiveness of #7 and how it is very feminine and fun. This is yet another great collection from Fendi. The designers created a long runway this season, which models walked elegantly along, and you can tell, the legacy for Fendi will also be a long road.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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