I wasn't planning on going to review Gucci and how wrong would that have been. When I was clicking through the slides and watching the show back, I was amazed at what Frida did this season. I loved the colours that she used, the daring oranges, the bold reds and the silky blues. I loved the way the clothes moved so easily down the runway with little restriction. She made the clothes softer, easier to wear - it seems as though designers are all becoming commercially aware, tying both their artistic vision and the customer together. The collection really looks luxurious, for example the coloured suedes, teamed with silk neck scarves.

If there were any restrictions, it would've came from the beautiful snakeskin outfit from look #6. With this, there also seems to be a small element of utilitarian and functionalism. I love the masculinity of the outfit, with a touch of girlishness in the print. However, my favourite has to be the last two looks. The colour choices were amazing and I'm also getting a sense of Chinese tailoring here; the sheer, the prints and the finishing added to the lines. Frida is among Versace in creating and using the most beautiful colours in shows and I love it.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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