New York Fashion Week is finally here, and to kick off the season of dieting, wearing the highest heels and being in the moment of fashion, is VFiles. VFiles is probably one of the best brands to showcase up and coming, international new talent. They showcase up to 4 designers each year, who show around 10 looks from their collections, giving press, buyers and fellow fashionistas a chance to catch a a glimpse of their talent. This year's collections come from Tigran Avetisyan, Hye Gin Hamm, Dasha Selyanova and Detto Kazuma. I've divided each designer into 2 looks from their collections above.

I really enjoyed the looks from the first row, Avetisyan's looks are very current and in-style. His collection evoked a youthful flair with urban influences, which is very similar to Raf Simons' Spring 2014, with the colourful tops and bold prints which was very popular among artists such as CL and Rihanna. I also enjoyed Gin Hamm's looks, there was a hybrid of western and Korean culture mixed into the spirit of the clothes. The clothes look very wearable and very casual, maintaining a minimal and fashion-conscious vibe.

The second row may not be my most favourite, probably because they are way too sporty. Selyanova's clothes is nothing new, the materials used, the combination of sporty shoes, it's very expected. When you think of sporty, this is what you imagine. And as a new designer, you want to blow everyone away and shatter the conventions of that look. Furthermore, Kazuma's looks also fall short for me. I don't think these are the most 'common' or 'popular' looks amongst men, and you'd have to be either really brave, or really crazy to wear them.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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