The collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs this season was more punk than before. Designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier created a youthful collection, injected with a strong punk flair. The colour scheme was mainly monochrome, with various tones of rebellious yellows and blues. The collection carries a British Punk theme in the clothes, with the t-shirts teamed with layered and pleated skirts. To reinforce the Punk genre, the models sported tight PVC stockings, like Versace and Chanel Fall 2013.

I think fashion is changing, for the better. Clothes are becoming more and more youthful, because the fashion industry is being opened to a younger audience. Musicians, actors, personalities are becoming more aware that fashion is the norm and looking good is the norm. These icons usually inspire kids, and so if they're interested in fashion, then so are the teens. And so designers know to design cooler, edgier, younger clothes for them. This is great, the collection is really cool. I really enjoyed the PVC looks, very sexy and gang-vibes. The monochrome makes it even more even more dangerous and punk and I love it.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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