Michael Kors presented a bright and happy collection this season, the bright yellows, the clean whites, the safe creams created a beautiful collection this season. The first looks were very white and minimalist (it seems as though minimalism is going to be big this season), the models wore clean white tops with full skirts and nude-tone sandals. Then came the fresh yellows and sheer skirts with flowers attached onto them - these were broken apart with a knotted tan belt. The models wore their hair loose, with blushed cheeks to create a European, boho girl look, which worked in favour of the bright collection.

This collection is great! I really like how Kors used white as a base tone like a canvas, and painted the clothes with bright yellows and soft blues. The collection has a strong romantic, innocent feel to it which is great. But what works is that it still speaks luxury and wealth, as well as young and fresh. Yes, the concept is definitely fresh.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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