For years, photographer Terry Richardson has become increasingly popular. Vogue, H&M, Obama (yes, Obama!) and countless others have all worked with Richardson to help create their visions. His iconic glasses and white background with harsh lighting has become an epitome in the Richardson brand. However the 48 year-old photographer's career may be coming to an end, after almost 6, 000 and counting have signed a petition, for big name brands such as Vogue and H&M to stop hiring him. Only now has one brand stepped forward, H&M. The Swedish chain answered queries on the work and the photographer himself: "If these accusations are true, it's totally unacceptable to us. Currently we're not working with Terry Richardson." But will that one tweet be enough?

The recent work of Terry Richardson included artist Miley Cyrus, strutting around in leotards and featured on the famous white background.


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Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by art this season, the clothes, the models' make-up and the art gallery-style set. Having presented his Fendi collection last week, this wasn't a hit for me. Of course there were some pieces I liked; the clean and structured white looks, or the neat and carefully embellished tops. But Fendi offered something futuristic and contemporary, with cool circuit board dresses and ombre gradient materials. Many bloggers and fashionista's are growing tired of the use of tweed - a strong component of the make-up of Chanel. It would appear as though Lagerfeld is slowly transitioning into youthful and brighter pieces, but is it the right choice? 

A classic Chanel look, a top featuring the jacket's iconic 4 buttons, stamped with the house logo. 



The Saint Laurent woman was certainly more tidier, cleaned up and sharper this year. She wore fitted suits and was pretty in frills, a key code in the genetics of the Yves Saint Laurent house. Having this being his fourth (sixth, if you include menswear) collection for the house, the theme of Rock'n'Roll still lingered from his fall collection; tight leather pants, bright and bold prints, and of course sex appeal. Last seasons collection wasn't a hit for some, with the items being compared to high-street quality and look. Certainly the Saint Laurent woman last season, was rougher in order to match the punk trend. But this year, Hedi Slimane introduces elegance, with punk.

I kinda like this look, a throwback to vintage style with retro rock'n'roll influences.




With Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Ciara in the front row at this season's Givenchy show, the pressure was on for Riccardo Tisci. He beautifully described the collection as "It's a car crash of two cultures-the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa.", which could certainly be noted on the runway. Japanese influenced designs were up first, the models wore clothes which where heavy in material yet light in style. They were draped across the body, with various two tone materials. There were plenty of materials used, some used to extend the neck line and reveal a bandage style undergarment. African elements then came into play, when the models wore safari tones, with excess draping. The models were adorned with with rough furs, to represent the wildlife of Africa. Tisci closed with ensembles which had colourful stripes, these looks were gowns, with a reveal of cleavage. Often using light materials such as silk, to represent Japanese kimonos and the styling of Africa. 

I love the styling of this look, elegance teamed with strength and power. She looks strong and confident.

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