The Saint Laurent woman was certainly more tidier, cleaned up and sharper this year. She wore fitted suits and was pretty in frills, a key code in the genetics of the Yves Saint Laurent house. Having this being his fourth (sixth, if you include menswear) collection for the house, the theme of Rock'n'Roll still lingered from his fall collection; tight leather pants, bright and bold prints, and of course sex appeal. Last seasons collection wasn't a hit for some, with the items being compared to high-street quality and look. Certainly the Saint Laurent woman last season, was rougher in order to match the punk trend. But this year, Hedi Slimane introduces elegance, with punk.

I kinda like this look, a throwback to vintage style with retro rock'n'roll influences.

I like it, pure sexiness.
These are the cheap looks Slimane should avoid - tacky, inexpensive combinations.
I mean, really?!
I like how a frilly and feminine top, can be toned down with a heavy and really mean biker.
Ok, there is just too much going on.
Love asymmetric baby dolls. 
Beauty at its best, minimal, clean, sharp!

Do you like this collection?
Tell me why/why not below!


Photo Credit: Style.com


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