Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by art this season, the clothes, the models' make-up and the art gallery-style set. Having presented his Fendi collection last week, this wasn't a hit for me. Of course there were some pieces I liked; the clean and structured white looks, or the neat and carefully embellished tops. But Fendi offered something futuristic and contemporary, with cool circuit board dresses and ombre gradient materials. Many bloggers and fashionista's are growing tired of the use of tweed - a strong component of the make-up of Chanel. It would appear as though Lagerfeld is slowly transitioning into youthful and brighter pieces, but is it the right choice? 

A classic Chanel look, a top featuring the jacket's iconic 4 buttons, stamped with the house logo. 
Good, love the pearl embellishments 
An incredibly frumpy, big and odd look.
I've always hated hot-pink tartan looks, they evoke 'Ghetto chic'
A great autumn look, a rough dress, brightened up with an up-scale jacket. I like how the dress continues as gloves. 
Love strict, modern shapes
I like how from the front, it appears strict and structured, yet the skirt from the side, remains free. That edge material is wonderful!
I really like cool and casual looks from Chanel, effortless elegance.
Love the detail on this look.
Yes! Look how light that top is!
Should Karl just stick to tweed and classic Chanel?


Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. I've got to say, that while I love the "classic Chanel" look (It is classic for a reason ... right) I'm excited to see what he will do as he transitions. I think your right, this in particular is a bit hit and miss, but for me personally it is hitting more than it is missing.


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