For years, photographer Terry Richardson has become increasingly popular. Vogue, H&M, Obama (yes, Obama!) and countless others have all worked with Richardson to help create their visions. His iconic glasses and white background with harsh lighting has become an epitome in the Richardson brand. However the 48 year-old photographer's career may be coming to an end, after almost 6, 000 and counting have signed a petition, for big name brands such as Vogue and H&M to stop hiring him. Only now has one brand stepped forward, H&M. The Swedish chain answered queries on the work and the photographer himself: "If these accusations are true, it's totally unacceptable to us. Currently we're not working with Terry Richardson." But will that one tweet be enough?

The recent work of Terry Richardson included artist Miley Cyrus, strutting around in leotards and featured on the famous white background.
It's strange how for years Richardson has been accused of sexual harassment and being a pervert, yet clients still want and book him. I'm incredulous to the very idea. I have read numerous articles where models have confessed his style of working, years after the incident happened, in order to keep their footing in the fashion industry. Models as young and innocent as 18 have to keep the most horrific encounters with Richardson a secret, because either they're too ashamed or reluctant to tell anyone. "Eventually, he had me go down on him and took pictures of him cuming on my face, which I had never done before, and when I went to the bathroom to clean up I could hear him and an assistant joking about it which is when I decided to never tell anyone." Disgusting. These young girls are already being exposed to something so horrid, after only a short period of being thrown into the modelling world. I can't even bring myself to imagine what they must've felt.

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After attending a networking party in the last month, I met a photographer called Alan Davies. I will never forget his opinions on Richardson's work. He and I both agree that Richardson allows the connotations that, all male photographers are unprofessional pigs. Which they aren't, Nick Knight, Patrick Demarchelier and Bruce Weber are all male photographers, who do not have this connotation. But, with the idea that they are, young models and clients may refuse to hire a male photographer, thus throwing away genius ideas. 

Terry Richardson's work is somehow still appreciated for it's candid-style. But even the idea of a white background and harsh lighting has only a finite number, before it loses it's originality and creativeness. Hopefully, with the growing number of supporters against Richardson and his work, the Kardashian for Sears collection will be the last of his works.

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*Please understand why I had to use this image, it's honesty is eye opening.


  1. I really like this post! I haven't known that Terry Richardson is one of these (i can't find the right words..) Photographers!:( so sad!

    Btw. I ADORE your Blog! It's so clean and looks so beautiful!<3
    It would mean a lot to me if you could have a look on my blog!
    Love from Germany, Leo


    1. Same, I had no idea that Terry was like this. Before, I bought the Terry X Gaga book that they released together, thinking that Terry was a good photographer. But then I came across this topic which really disgusts me, and now they plan to release a second volume!

      So that means, that more Gaga fans with buy that book, funding Terry's career. I plan to boycott anything related to Terry in order for this to stop.

  2. Great post, Victor, I've never like Terry Richardson - not his photography and definitely not him as a person. I've head many rumours about him and by using that picture, I hope people understand exactly what kind of "photography" Terry Richardson prides himself in. I'm definitely signing that petition!

  3. I had honestly no idea about any of this; I have never liked him as a person, but I really liked Richardson's work as a photographer. After reading this my mind has changed completely, absolutely disgusted.


  4. Woow so informative!
    I didnt know that about T.R. ! That's fucking discunting :( I really like his tumblr but now... I dont know, because maybe those girls naked were forced to be naked... I dont know what to think about him now

    1. I'm really glad that you both liked the post, and became more aware of his works. I hope to write more and hear your opinions and views Izael!

  5. This is so disappointing. I'm glad people are taking action against his work though!

    - Kevin

  6. Amazing blog. And terry omg I can't say anything about him becuse He is working with GAga.



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