I am getting sick and tired of this topic. When Rick Owens presented his collection this year, there was so much negative feedback and disgusting responses. So called 'Fashionistas' took to the internet to describe the collection has 'hideous' or 'ugly', when there was a deep and meaningful reason behind it. These girls adore skinny models and Chanel, but there is more to fashion. It's the message and artistry behind it. With so many young girls looking towards the fashion industry, don't you agree it's more important to send a positive message? That women of all sizes can wear beautiful clothes? Owens commented "We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty." There is so much meaning behind this collection, not only was it designed to suit the athletic dancers as they stomped the Parisian runway, but the anger that Owens felt. The style of dance chosen, the expression of their faces, the aphotic colour choices from the collection, it's all a message. A huge "F**k you!" to the industry and the expectations, Rick Owens is able to defy convention - which is a revolution. I have nothing left to say.




Alexander Wang has presented yet another beautiful and modern collection for the house of Balenciaga. There were various echoes towards his own eponymous brand, such as the contemporary biker jacket, the fashionable shorts and the edginess of the runway. Not to mention, the set was stunning. The first model opened the show, wearing a grey look consisting of two parts. She wore an effortlessly cool grey biker with white shoulders, and a flared structured skirt. She was finished with a pair of strap heels. 

This look is somewhat similar to his menswear collection, with the grey biker look, only in a female version. It looks absolutely cool and fresh.




Nothing screams tough, sexy and independent as a Versace collection. Donatella presented yet another audacious and bold collection for the Italian brand, with models wearing revealing outfits, which had edgy styling and skin tight pants. Katlin Aas opened the show, wearing a denim outfit. She boldly wore a denim jacket, with just a Medusa head necklace underneath. She also wore a denim skirt and finished with a pair of killer heels. This skirt was worn in various styles, depicting its versatility. The skirt was paired with a sheer bandage top, a white military-esque jacket and a casual t-shirt - very versatile.

A strong look to open the show, but the outfit is messy and sloppy.




Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi has presented a really fresh and unique collection, for Fendi this season. Both played with fabrics, colours and shapes very well for this collection. This collection boasts transition colour dresses, with rich tones, slowing developing into clean whites. Futurism was also fairly prominent on the runway, the cuts were modern and contemporary, with some looks even featuring prints of circuit boards. Sticking to the luxurious roots of Fendi, he then showed outfits which had sheer under lays, with fine furs atop; these looks varied from abstract shapes to straight lines.

I really like this look, the transition is very modern and fresh. I think the colour really matches Cara.




Frida Giannini certainly seemed to have loosened up in order to create her Spring 2014 collection, after giving birth to daughter Greta, she seems to have valued the positives of loose clothing (compared to Giannini's collection last season). This collection featured loose, free clothing, with plenty of materials. The star quality of the collection, lies in the Japanese kimono-style looks, with beautiful large flowers. Sport also seemed to be an element this collection, with mesh t-shirts, without straying too far from her luxurious Gucci woman, the vest is made entirely from laser-cut suede! The first model wore a sporty mesh tee, paired with loose bright pants, featuring a floral print.

I like the pieces, as separate components to an outfit. However, I feel as though this is sloppy for an opener.



Milan has finally arrived and what better way to open, than with DSquared. The week promises collections from Gucci, Fendi and Versace. Always opening with an eccentric and theatrical production, this year's featured a holiday scene, where the brother's are working behind a bar and having drinks with their impeccable model companions. Providing a very fun and upbeat start to MFW. Fresh-face Holly Rose Emrey, who is proving to be very popular this season wore a white mini. The dress is white, with emphasis on the waist. A very sexy look indeed.

A very nice look, definitely sexy and alluring in the bold sense.




For this season's collection, Antonio Beradi was inspired by using couture fabrics, but in an urban technique. "It was an idea of moving my woman forward and taking myself out of a safety zone, away from the things that I'm known for." he justified. Every designer should do so at least once in their careers, in order to push a new image forward and to allow a fresh demographic. The first model opened the show, stepping out in a barely-there pink ensemble, with floral motifs on the whole look. She wore a light dress, with a boyish jumper a top - a stark contrast, something fitted with something loose.

A very pretty look, extremely feminine with a masculine touch of the top.




Creative designer at Mulberry, Emma Hill wishes goodbye to the brand she moulded for over six years. For her final collection, she designed a show which embodies, to her, a Mulberry woman. The collection consists of the British-vibe, beautiful pops of bright colours, with the edginess of leather. Model-of-the-moment and campaign star of Mulberry's F/W collection, Cara Delevingne opened the show wearing a off white blouse, tucked into floral shorts, finished with a matching coat. She was soon followed by models who wore panelled dresses, with breaks of sheer materials, the designs were shown in various colours, from light blue to nude peach.

Cara opened the show, wearing a bold outfit. Florals also seem to be making a comeback next season.



For those of you who have been following me for a while, you'd be able to realise that LFW isn't my favourite week. I'm quite reluctant to post and review these shows and they don't mean much to me, however Preen has proven me wrong. Of course there are other fundamental shows which catch my attention. Thorton & Bregazzi created a beautiful collection, featuring diaphanous dresses with bright pops of art imagery. The first model stepped out in a white gown, with an asymmetric hemline, she wore a top which boasts beautiful florals.

Love the print on the top, the white contrasts the pops of colours very well.



Sitting in a quiet café on Caxton Street, whilst watching the rain patter against the roads, I began to feel more than nervous. I was to attend the 22nd Schön celebration party, inviting fashionable photographers, make-up artists and of course LFW. Quickly finishing off my drink, I made my way into the lavish hotel, situated in heart of London.

Supermodel Coco Rocha graces the 22nd issue of Schön



Style.com's interpretation of MM6 was certainly best when they said "Watching MM6 was like taking a breath of fresh icy air." The collection this year focused on transparency and clean white shapes for spring 2014. The creations (like most years) looked innovative, modern and certainly unique. The first model opened with a white look, she wore what looked like a suited dress, with a translucent white tee. She was completed with a pair of white booties. She looked fresh-faced, clean and very modern.

I love the cleaniless of this outfit, it's very fresh and crisp. The white eye make-up compliments the whole look very well.



When Victoria Beckham first established her brand five years ago, she introduced her signature design; a usually form-fitting ensemble, clinging onto a woman's body. However, as time and trends change, Victoria begins to lose sight of her signature creation. This collection was all about loose, almost boxy shapes. Using her minimalist approach, Victoria designed an impeccable collection. The first model wore a monochrome outfit, a white vest which flared at the hem, worn with a pair of black pants. She was polished with a white cocoon shoulder jacket and nude-tone heels. 

A clean aesthetic to open her Spring collection, very tidy and neat. I like the shapes being played around here.



As if his ultra-modern collection last summer wasn't enough, this year Alexander proved his growth as a designer. Continuously creating fresh designs, this year was no different. The main design of the show, was of course the logo print, for which he explains "That was the height of me in high-school, reading and obsessing over [magazines] and being a fashion geek." But haven't we left logo printing in the early noughties? Alexander certainly revived the trend, with cool laser cut-outs of his signature name, 'ALEXANDER WANG'. 

The top actually reads his name which looks very cool in close-up shots. An obvious nod to the brand-printing craze, minus the tackiness of it all.




A very effortless chic and cool collection from the house of Helmut Lang this year. With head designers Nicole and Michael Colovos presenting a casual, light 90s influenced collection. This year featured heavy use of leathers and simple cuts; straight lines and sharp shapes. The first model wore a white jump-suit, which looked very clean. The look was finished with a white belt, adding shape to the model, with a pair of black strapped heels. Modern indeed.

A very contemporary look, very clean and sharp.




Jason Wu's collection this season, certainly had a aura of 90s glam. In the forms of slip-on dresses, shimmer materials on selected designs and hit model Karen Elson, who opened the show. She wore a sheer dress, with transition shimmer, cascading down, with a beautiful reveal of her back. The dress allows freedom of movement, elegance and grace in a subtle manner.

Karen Elson opening the show, I like this dress - very subtle sexiness.



Summer is coming to an end, and there's no better way to send off the season than with a shopping trip in London. The end of the summer also marks the arrival of 6th form and the transition between higher education. That of course, includes a whole new wardrobe too. 

I went shopping today for a few pieces such as shirts and shoes, to match the formal style of 6th form. Most 6th formers would opt for a tired suit, but of course, 'Vu' fashion does not follow! Stay tuned for some awesome posts coming your way!
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