When Victoria Beckham first established her brand five years ago, she introduced her signature design; a usually form-fitting ensemble, clinging onto a woman's body. However, as time and trends change, Victoria begins to lose sight of her signature creation. This collection was all about loose, almost boxy shapes. Using her minimalist approach, Victoria designed an impeccable collection. The first model wore a monochrome outfit, a white vest which flared at the hem, worn with a pair of black pants. She was polished with a white cocoon shoulder jacket and nude-tone heels. 

A clean aesthetic to open her Spring collection, very tidy and neat. I like the shapes being played around here.
A juxtaposition between feminine and boyish was also shown, Fei Fei Sun wore a clean white dress, with a bomber jacket thrown atop. She too was finished with nude heels. Before a burst of bright fuschia pink exploded onto the runway, in the forms of contemporary tri-designs. 

Not stepping too far away from her fashion début days, Victoria featured tight dresses. These usually were short sleeved, belted and finished with a playful flair on the hem. Featured in tones of greys, plunging reds and clean whites - all looks were very sharp and polished. Victoria Beckham closed her spring collection with black looks, these featured sheer elements, which is proving to be a popular trend next summer. Modern, minimalist designs, are definitely a step forward for the former Spice Girls singer.

I really like this look, it's a spin on feminine dresses. It looks super casual and effortless
A perfect look, head to toe.
A very bold colour choice, really cool shirt.
One of my favourite looks from the show, a stark contrast to her previous collections.
My favourite look, hands down.
I like the straps atop the dress, very unique.
A wonderful top, very artistic use of sheer

Do you think this is better for Victoria? 
Or should she go back to tight dresses, the stem of her designs? 


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. Love look number 5, so futuristic and minimal!

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah, hope you've been enjoying these reviews!

  2. She's got the geometric shapes which have been big on the runway. I just still want to see a little more, I would have to call this collection a little safe but it's still incredible for someone who's more of a celeb than a designer.

    1. That's right, Victoria's designs seem to be improving, hopefully other celeb designers can follow her, instead of depending on their team.


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