Alexander Wang has presented yet another beautiful and modern collection for the house of Balenciaga. There were various echoes towards his own eponymous brand, such as the contemporary biker jacket, the fashionable shorts and the edginess of the runway. Not to mention, the set was stunning. The first model opened the show, wearing a grey look consisting of two parts. She wore an effortlessly cool grey biker with white shoulders, and a flared structured skirt. She was finished with a pair of strap heels. 

This look is somewhat similar to his menswear collection, with the grey biker look, only in a female version. It looks absolutely cool and fresh.

The collection also showcased a progression throughout the show, Wang said "The idea was to start strong and austere, and let that unravel." He then presented looks with peplums on the bottoms, varying from shorts to trousers. The trousers featured floral appliques, on both the wide brim of peplum and pants. The collection then became looser, the models continued in the silhouette of a tight top with hip-flared trousers. The trousers were loose at the hips, emphasising the shape of a woman, slowly tightening into shaped trousers and finished with strappy heels.

The collection then showcased dresses which were loose in materials and ruffles, yet appeared stiff. Wang finished his second collection for the brand, with sheer dresses. These dresses had two materials, to showcase modernity in contrast with sheer materials. The looks had clean, sharp necklines with a very modern edge to them.

I really don't like loose, unflattering dresses on any woman. It looks terrible.
The details on this dress are amazing, a simply stunning look.
Really sleek and clean silhouettes, a great outfit here.
I really like the way the ruffles look stiff and really structured. A very feminine and playful look
Wang's interpretation of a white shirt works very well, sexy yet fashionable.
Wonderful, perfect use of shapes and materials.

Did you like this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. Love this collection! I'm all about structure so this was a definitely a hit for me :)

    1. Yes, that's right! This collection was amazing :-)

  2. This Balenciaga collection was so beautiful! Absolutely love everything about the first look, one of my personal favorites from the show.


    1. First and last were my favourites. Thanks for your thoughts!


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