A very effortless chic and cool collection from the house of Helmut Lang this year. With head designers Nicole and Michael Colovos presenting a casual, light 90s influenced collection. This year featured heavy use of leathers and simple cuts; straight lines and sharp shapes. The first model wore a white jump-suit, which looked very clean. The look was finished with a white belt, adding shape to the model, with a pair of black strapped heels. Modern indeed.

A very contemporary look, very clean and sharp.

Sheer, which is leading to be popular this year was also featured. It was shown with abstract shapes, looking very current and stylish. Playing with looser shapes, the designer duo created looks which were casual but fashionable, adding leather for another level of uniqueness. This collection featured monochrome as the dominant colour choice, a timeless classic with a contemporary twist.

The collection came to a close with structured looks. The jackets look carefully designed, with interesting shapes and silhouettes. Dominantly black, with highlights of white to contrast the two colours. The collection leaves thoughts of stylish yet effortless.

I'm really into this look, I think it's artistic and very interesting.
Love this look, absolutely effortless! 
A very clean look, the cut-outs add modernity and youth.
Very plain, simple nonetheless.
A wonderful look, cool with leather and 2 materials.Feminine with a belted waist and reveal of the legs.
One of my favourites from this collection, the simplicity speaks volumes.
The jacket looks rather structural and almost sculptured. A worthy finale look.
Would you wear this collection?


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. Helmut Lang never lets down. This was probably one of my favorite collections for spring, along with Wang! Great job on the preview, Victor.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I cannot wait to review Alexander Wang, an amazing collection from him this year!


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