Frida Giannini certainly seemed to have loosened up in order to create her Spring 2014 collection, after giving birth to daughter Greta, she seems to have valued the positives of loose clothing (compared to Giannini's collection last season). This collection featured loose, free clothing, with plenty of materials. The star quality of the collection, lies in the Japanese kimono-style looks, with beautiful large flowers. Sport also seemed to be an element this collection, with mesh t-shirts, without straying too far from her luxurious Gucci woman, the vest is made entirely from laser-cut suede! The first model wore a sporty mesh tee, paired with loose bright pants, featuring a floral print.

I like the pieces, as separate components to an outfit. However, I feel as though this is sloppy for an opener.
Frida then moved onto orange hues, with the model wearing another loose ensemble, with a low cut. The look features a reveal of a mesh bra, which was in a triangular shape, featured frequently on this seasons runway. Playing with more colours, she then moved onto rich fuchsia pink, Liu Wen wore a fuchsia jumpsuit, with black details to compliment the look. She was finished with a matching pair of shades.

Giannini finished with plenty of sheer fabrics, these had prints varying from florals to evoke Japanese style, to artistic style prints, with a glossy texture. These were perhaps the best designs from the collection, keeping comfort in mind, as well as fashion. Minus the sheer bra, that might be uncomfortable!

Nothing is as sexy as sheer, this is a perfect look! Look at those sexy pants.
I love that sheer over lay, which compliments that print very well.
Finishing the show with an impeccable look, very chic!

Do you prefer this side of the Gucci woman?


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. Great review, Victor - to be honest, I wasn't too wowed by this season's collection. Some looks felt kind of sloppy, especially the first one. But others, like the sheer jumpsuits and dresses, were definitely chic and gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ola, I completely agree with this comment you've made :-)


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