As if his ultra-modern collection last summer wasn't enough, this year Alexander proved his growth as a designer. Continuously creating fresh designs, this year was no different. The main design of the show, was of course the logo print, for which he explains "That was the height of me in high-school, reading and obsessing over [magazines] and being a fashion geek." But haven't we left logo printing in the early noughties? Alexander certainly revived the trend, with cool laser cut-outs of his signature name, 'ALEXANDER WANG'. 

The top actually reads his name which looks very cool in close-up shots. An obvious nod to the brand-printing craze, minus the tackiness of it all.

The overall collection this season was rather impressive, with some very fashion-forward looks. Prior to the look above, the model wore a white dress, with a poplin collar, the dress looked very simple and wearable. Using the same materials, Alexander presented a model wearing an asymmetrical shirt, a particular favourite of mine. Worn with a pair of leather trousers, and pointed white heels. Alexander's growth as a designer is definitely noticeable, with each collection excelling the last.

A very simple dress, certainly embodies clean and fresh.
Behati Prinsloo wearing a pyjama style outfit, I like this. Although it isn't very wearable, it's imaginable for an editorial. 
A futuristic shirt, worn with hot leather pants. The shirt is amazing
Little Alia Wang wore a similar top attending the show, it looks very cool with sheer panels. 
Not my favourite look from the show, I really don't like contrast stitching.
Erin Wasson wearing a laser cut logo print dress. The dress has a large reveal of her back, I don't really like this. There is no shape to the dress.
Did you like this collection?


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. Even though I don't always comment your posts, everytime I get into your blog I'm amazed and inspired. Keep up the good work! xx

  2. Finally! The simple, minimal dresses, the asymmetrical white shirts and the heels were a hit for me! Absolutely loved it.

    1. An amazing collection this year right? I loved it too, so far my favourite!

  3. I mean it's Wang, I have no words besides give me those shoes now! lol :P


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