Milan has finally arrived and what better way to open, than with DSquared. The week promises collections from Gucci, Fendi and Versace. Always opening with an eccentric and theatrical production, this year's featured a holiday scene, where the brother's are working behind a bar and having drinks with their impeccable model companions. Providing a very fun and upbeat start to MFW. Fresh-face Holly Rose Emrey, who is proving to be very popular this season wore a white mini. The dress is white, with emphasis on the waist. A very sexy look indeed.

A very nice look, definitely sexy and alluring in the bold sense.

Still using the same silhouettes, the girls were featured in bright pops of colours. Perfect for summer, which was the inspiration for the boys; particularly a tropical, tiki-style holiday. The collection then transitioned into hot leathers, the models now wearing high waisted bikinis were polished with a leather jacket with a bold hat.

Portraying another side of a holiday look, the models wore safari style outfits. Opting for leathers, skin-tight looks, rather than soft fabrics such as Donna Karan Spring 2014. These had animal prints ranging from zebra to obvious leopard, in tones of tan and dark browns. The duo designers finished their collections with heavy use of sequins. These were added onto dresses and jackets, usually applied from the corner. Adding a touch of feminine and faboulous fashion.

A plain and boring print
Neither wonderful or hideous.
I like the shape of the jacket, a very interesting design.

Do you like this collection?


Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. Love the jacket too! And the previous one, and totally agree about the pattern on the dress, nothing special about it

  2. A little too girly, glam for my liking but still beautiful pieces.

    1. Yeah, it really was on the girly side this year.


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