I am getting sick and tired of this topic. When Rick Owens presented his collection this year, there was so much negative feedback and disgusting responses. So called 'Fashionistas' took to the internet to describe the collection has 'hideous' or 'ugly', when there was a deep and meaningful reason behind it. These girls adore skinny models and Chanel, but there is more to fashion. It's the message and artistry behind it. With so many young girls looking towards the fashion industry, don't you agree it's more important to send a positive message? That women of all sizes can wear beautiful clothes? Owens commented "We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty." There is so much meaning behind this collection, not only was it designed to suit the athletic dancers as they stomped the Parisian runway, but the anger that Owens felt. The style of dance chosen, the expression of their faces, the aphotic colour choices from the collection, it's all a message. A huge "F**k you!" to the industry and the expectations, Rick Owens is able to defy convention - which is a revolution. I have nothing left to say.


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. I aboustely loved this. Everything about this was so beautiful and thoughtful. Apart from the amazing clothing, my favorite part was definitely the message of the show, which Rick represented so beautifully with all the different sizes of models. I don't quite understand how one could dislike it, but oh well. It was fantastic!

    1. I like your attitude Sarah, "Oh well". It's so easy going and laid back, thanks for your comment Sarah! :-)


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