Style.com's interpretation of MM6 was certainly best when they said "Watching MM6 was like taking a breath of fresh icy air." The collection this year focused on transparency and clean white shapes for spring 2014. The creations (like most years) looked innovative, modern and certainly unique. The first model opened with a white look, she wore what looked like a suited dress, with a translucent white tee. She was completed with a pair of white booties. She looked fresh-faced, clean and very modern.

I love the cleaniless of this outfit, it's very fresh and crisp. The white eye make-up compliments the whole look very well.
A few looks into the collection, white was the dominant colour choice for this MM6 collection, a particular favourite look of mine, the model wore another white ensemble, the outfit looks very sporty. She wore a white jacket, with sharp white pants and a cotton jacket. The jacket compliments the whole look very well, I particularly like the stark contrast between materials. She was finished a pair of futuristic shoes.

Raincoats also became fairly dominant this season, the jackets featured all necessary functions, the coats varied in colour (white, playful pinks and strong dark hues). The coats played with silhouettes and shapes, with subtle cocoon shoulders. The overall collection was very beautiful indeed, with modern designs and creations.

My favourite look from the collection, very nice!
Adore translucent materials, with a artistic print
I love the jacket and the way this whole look was styled


Photo Credit: Style.com



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