This couture collection from Armani was absolutely splendid, there were a variety of looks, from  gorgeous silk pants to beautiful evening gowns. The styling of all these looks were finished with a silk head-wrap, which the model wore with heavy earrings, there's something awfully interesting with this combination. Like the 30 hours-to-make couture sneakers at Chanel, it somehow works in favour of the entire look.

I liked the entire collection, as there maybe only 2-3 looks that didn't deliver, however the rest of the collection did impressively well. The attention to detail, with the intricate diamond appliqué suggests luxury and wealth. The bottom row of images (above) kill me, there's not one thing I would change. Look at the simple shape of #8, whilst still maintaining elegance and grace. This is the sort of thing that Giorgio Armani does best, and there's nothing he should change.




Wow, this collection was amazing. I'm not usually too impressed by Karl or his collections for Chanel, because I find them repetitive and ultimately unengaging, but this was something different. For once, the models looked like they had fun and this was shown in their attitude on the runway; a fun and enthusiastic girl, strutting her stuff! Perhaps this was to reflect the sporty influence, clearly seen by the sneakers.

I liked the first few dresses (#2), I thought that it was a fashionable twist on the tennis uniform with an illusion-like-waist. However, this did become repetitive, because there was about 7+ re-colourings of the same dress. Then Karl presented some amazing looks, these were super stylish and very simple. Xiao Wen Ju (#5) has got to be my favourite look; elegant, functional and very chic. The overall presentation was very good, along with catchy music, and a grand finale. It's nice to see a more simpler runway, so the focus is on the clothes, just like how Gabrielle presented her debut collection initially.




For me, couture is about saying the biggest ideas, in the most subtle of ways. To have the ability to transition crazy and bold ideas, into a soft and gentle outcome. And there's no better person, than Raf Simons. For me he has redeemed himself, after the catastrophe of menswear. This couture collection is quiet, it is subtle and it is beautiful. The minimalist approach, with soft textures and simple colours evoke a fashion-forward collection. 

With the classic shapes and elegant figure, this collection has the chance of being one of his best. Raf sticks with his trousers and elegant top combination, and it's working very well for him. As usually shown on the runway, the make-up consists of natural eyes, simple hair and a bold lip colour. I truly loved this collection, and hope that Raf continues in this style. Well done~!




"I am so fab, check it out, I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich and I'm a little bit of a bitch.", these are the words that were pumped out as the show began. The inspiration for Versace this season was a hybrid woman of Lady Gaga and a contemporary Grace Jones, the DNA design code of the house was clearly seen in this Versace woman's attitude - sexy, strong and confident, as per usual. Lady Gaga was, of course,  in attendance, having just been revealed as the S/S14 advertisement campaign star. The singer caused quite the stir, as she was surrounded by paparazzi before taking her seat next to Mario Testino.

I liked this collection, I think it's a step up from the "couture" show last year. For this season, there was an element of dramatic glamour and the hoods sure helped that. The bold colours which were used, were pushed even further, with the aid from Grecian drapes and diamentés, which dazzle when in the spotlight. Sexiness, boldness and strength are brought to the forefront for this season; this collection is truly Donatella.




Kris Van Assche continues to make the Dior Homme collections, more and more fashionable and wearable by the seasons. And this collection was no different. The collection is designed for formal and casual occasions, with a mixture of both elements in some looks. For example a sophisticated, tailored suit, modernised by a pair of polka-dot sneakers. Kris also makes jeans cool! As shown on Tommaso De Benedictis (#6), the outfit looks fashionable, whilst maintaining a 'cool' vibe.

The last few collections are currently being shown right now, as we move onto couture season. As I'm writing this post, I've waiting for the live stream of Versace. I will post as soon as photos arrive. Stay tuned for some more fashion reviews!




Raf Simons presented his F/W 14 collection earlier this week, which he collaborated with American artist, Sterling Ruby. The collection boasts an artistic, visual appearance with abstract prints and bold colour combinations. This collection is much more suited for the fashionable man and not the average Joe, the collection focuses on a contemporary edge in the forms of 'space-like' prints such as images of Earth and various rocky terrains, printed on the items.

Although most of his collections are unique, this just may prove to be a little far out. With a view of his past collections, the clothes were tailored and adjusted to fit his vision of creativity. This collection features some wearable pieces, whilst the others are mainly for visual impact in editorials. I'm not too impressed with this collection, nor am I entirely disappointed, sorry Raf.




This has got to be one of my favourite collections from this season, the clothes were very stylishly put together, the shapes and cuts, all fell on each other very nicely. The ideal man for Dean and Dan this season was stylish, while still maintaining his masculine allure. The collection focuses on a 'bad boy' image, which is where the inspiration lies. The twin designers took this idea even further, in the materials used which they described as "The style of the story that unfolds begins with a simple cotton tunic and pants - mandatory clothes of someone being committed."

This is 100% the style of collection that I like, really cool shapes and cool style. Even down to the accessorization, everything works together. Whilst leather travel bags and bold glasses are reserved for the fashion-concious male, the beanie hat adds a touch of nonchalance to the outfits. I'm looking very forward to the collection which they present for the women's line, stay tuned for more posts!




There's something about this F/W 14 collection, which keeps me coming back for more. Usually I'd view a collection, post about it and forget it a couple of seasons later. But there's something awfully unique and creative about the collection which the designer duo presented, whether its the medieval influence, or the chain hood, or the romantic crowns for the male models, this truly is the epitome of D&G style. Italian and Sicilian influences, a strong and masculine man was what the boys had in mind.

Overall the collection was great, Domenico and Stefano chose a great bunch of boys to walk in the show, both new and model veterans like Garrett Neff and Adam Senn to newbies like Misa Patinszki. This keeps me wondering about womenswear and what the boys will present then. Stay tuned for more menswear shows, and womens very soon! 




The collection from the house of Zegna for F/W 14 was a hybrid between classic and street-wear style. The fashionable man would wear classic pieces, such as a straight pea coat, or a smart shoe. But he would also wear a downtown, casual bomber jacket with a straight fur line across the collar. The collection had patterns of plaid, which was adorned on suits and jackets, or something much more subtle, such as the in-lining of the coat.

The collection is definitely something I'd love to wear, with the lack of colour and the simple shapes, it ensures timelessness for all future fashions. There's something awfully fashionable about a man wearing his coat as a cape, it screams nonchalance with style at the same time. Stay tuned for some menswear fashion, from this season and how it'll influence in my outfit posts~!




Lately I've been very inspired by classic British tailoring, pieces such as a pea-coat, styled and revamped to bring into the modern. For example, adding bright colour to a classic piece, will bring that item to the future. This is what the F/W collection of E Tautz is able to capture, adding modern trends to classic silhouettes to revamp the entire look. What I like about this collection, is the bravery of it all, artistic illusions and bold colour statements in juxtaposition with classic items. 

My particular favourite outfits are pictured above, note how the transition begins from subtle and muted, to bold and unique looks. The shapes and cuts in the first photograph are very minimalist, the outfit has only straight lines and fits the model perfectly. I feel the second one has an air of innocence to it, the outfit is pure and almost, schoolboy-ish, which I absolutely love. This collection has proved to be one of my favourites since the past 3 days of LCM has began. Soon, we'll move onto womenswear, which I'm sure you're all anticipating. How will Jeremy Scott handle the collection for Moschino? Will Mulberry present at all? But most of all, Nicolas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton? 




First of all, let me begin by saying that Joanna Sykes did an amazing job with F/W 14. The whole experience of the presentation was very professional, with a hands-on approach for all who attended. There was Joanna herself, explaining the inspiration behind the collection to attendees, beverages and even food for everyone. The male models also did an amazing job, they were engaging and exciting to photograph. They would interact with each other, giving a subtle nod, to cue a change in position. Every few minutes, one would disappear to change into a completely new outfit, and reappear in a matter of seconds. Seeing models Alexander Ferrario and Tommaso de Benidictis, they look just as good in person, and photos...damn them.

Ahem, the overall collection focuses on the idea of comfort for the wearer. Encased in the press release, it explores Joanna's inspiration behind the collection. "The comfort and informality offered by a well-crafted wardrobe are at the core of autumn/winter 2014."Joanna expresses the idea that the pieces must be comfortable and generous in amount of fabric, to allow an effortlessly cool vibe. The true definition of the collection, lies within the sentence "Smart yet bohemian in spirit." There is an emphasis that there is an intimacy that only the wearer can truly value. I cannot get enough of this collection, and cannot wait for it to hit the stores. 



Today I attended the James Long fashion show in London, with fellow celebrities, fashion bloggers and many photographers. The experience was very rich, in the way that it opened a whole different experience of fashion for me. Simply browsing the photos online does not equate to a first hand experience. The combination of loud music, seeing the models in person, crowding of people in detailed outfits packed tightly in a space, and the final applause is what makes the show amazing.

The collection which James presented for F/W 14 was for the fashionable, sporty male. The models wore a collection of contemporary bomber jackets, with monochrome initially, to a finale with pops of colour on the sleeves. The items, such as the pants are loose, to allow freedom of movement, and ultimate nonchalant style. The collection for F/W 14 has a boyish charm, with an effortless allure. Despite the show lasting about 5 minutes, James Long truly presented a collection for the long-run.




Hello, how are you all? Today is the first of 3 days, of the LCM (London Collection Men), showing over this period. The day began with heavy amounts of rain, including bitter winds too. Of course, nothing can stop the pace of fashion, so the shows went on. True to the tradition of London, Topman Design used this typical stereotype of Britain to incorporate into the show, with the finale of rain drizzling over the male models, as they close the presentation.

The brand presented us with a darker and mysterious aesthetic, with the models looking particularly grunge and rather sloppy. This year focuses on the jacket/coat of an outfit, the item is presented as the main focus-point, with different variations. Topman was also able to play with proportions; trousers were high-waisted to add a longer length. The main priority however, was leather. Either as a full leather jacket, or a subtle detail along the lapels. Topman truly delivered a contemporary British collection.




Hello~! How are you all? Today I just went into London with my sister to run some errands and complete a few projects. I really wanted to show off my new shoes and I hope it looks good here. The reason why I titled this post 'Black Texture' is because I feel there are a lot of materials contrasting with one another here. There's the denim from the pants, with the corduroy from the coat and the matte leather from the Dr. Martens. The clash of materials is toned back down, with the aphotic colour choice.

I hope you are sticking to your resolutions and continue to have a great year. I have awesome posts coming up, so make sure you stay tuned!




Happy new year! I hope you've all had an amazing time during the holidays, with all your loved ones. Now it's time to kick off 2014 with a fresh start. Lately I've been very inspired by the idea of reinvention and rebirth, to start on a whole different path and create something new. As you can see, I've changed quite a few things, it's no longer Chromati-c, it's simply Victor Vu. I hope you enjoy seeing this new side of me, and walk this journey with me.

What better way to begin 2014 than shopping in London. As seen previously in my Wishlist 4.0, I went to pick up a these lovely shoes today. Check out the shoes in more photos after the jump. I'll try to post consistently and keep my blog updated. Stay tuned for an outfit post, coming this Monday. Finally, I wish you all the best and happiness in 2014~!

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