For me, couture is about saying the biggest ideas, in the most subtle of ways. To have the ability to transition crazy and bold ideas, into a soft and gentle outcome. And there's no better person, than Raf Simons. For me he has redeemed himself, after the catastrophe of menswear. This couture collection is quiet, it is subtle and it is beautiful. The minimalist approach, with soft textures and simple colours evoke a fashion-forward collection. 

With the classic shapes and elegant figure, this collection has the chance of being one of his best. Raf sticks with his trousers and elegant top combination, and it's working very well for him. As usually shown on the runway, the make-up consists of natural eyes, simple hair and a bold lip colour. I truly loved this collection, and hope that Raf continues in this style. Well done~!

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. A total catastrophe !!! He ruined Dior & he should quit as soon as possible.

    1. This is where you're wrong. I think Raf is doing a splendid job at Dior, he commercialises the brand (with Jennifer Lawrence) and makes the items wearable for his target audience. Not only does his products (make-up, clothes, bags etc) promise life-long quality, but they also ensure fantasy and fashion for the user. Most high-street brands eliminate fantasy, and rather opt for reality. Raf is able to marry both for himself and his women.


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