First of all, let me begin by saying that Joanna Sykes did an amazing job with F/W 14. The whole experience of the presentation was very professional, with a hands-on approach for all who attended. There was Joanna herself, explaining the inspiration behind the collection to attendees, beverages and even food for everyone. The male models also did an amazing job, they were engaging and exciting to photograph. They would interact with each other, giving a subtle nod, to cue a change in position. Every few minutes, one would disappear to change into a completely new outfit, and reappear in a matter of seconds. Seeing models Alexander Ferrario and Tommaso de Benidictis, they look just as good in person, and photos...damn them.

Ahem, the overall collection focuses on the idea of comfort for the wearer. Encased in the press release, it explores Joanna's inspiration behind the collection. "The comfort and informality offered by a well-crafted wardrobe are at the core of autumn/winter 2014."Joanna expresses the idea that the pieces must be comfortable and generous in amount of fabric, to allow an effortlessly cool vibe. The true definition of the collection, lies within the sentence "Smart yet bohemian in spirit." There is an emphasis that there is an intimacy that only the wearer can truly value. I cannot get enough of this collection, and cannot wait for it to hit the stores. 

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. love their hair! totally relaxed and the clothing is cool and wearable.


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