Moschino had heavy influences of Britannia this collection, in the forms of tartan print, pops of red and polo hats. The clothes were well structured  and fit the models very well. The first look had the model wearing a tartan coat, with trousers with a peplum waist. She was accessorised with a matching bag, a polo hat, large gold earrings and bold boots.

I love the sophisticated element to the outfit with bold pops of red on black.




Smiling, prim and always well-spoken, Kenya Grant was more than ready to talk about make-up products and beauty trends. Aiming to become a journalist and to make it big in the world, sitting down with her was a pleasure.

Why did you want to create Coco Iman?
Kenya: Well I wanted to create the blog, because I feel it ties in with something I'd like to do it in the future whether it's journalism or something down the route of English teaching, so I felt like it was appropriate.

What was the inspiration behind the name?
K: My middle name is Iman, but I always hated it! But as I got older, I learned to embrace it. Coco? I'm not too sure where that came from, I do like chocolate - so it could be that! 

Are there any make-up products that you recommend?
K: Yes, there is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil - I swear by that and I use it every morning. I love MAC products, their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and their Matchmaster Foundation are both really goodI also love Barry M's lipstick. My favourites are TMP (The one that turns from green to pink) and Shocking Pink (Shade 52). It's a duplicate of MAC's candy yum yum, so it's fairly affordable.

MAC collaborate with a lot of influential people, what do you think of Nicki Minaj's collab with the brand?
K: I'd like to purchase that, the look is very appealing and I love Nicki Minaj! I think it's a simple idea yet very influential because it attracts a different audience. The cause is also very helpful and useful.




Muccia Prada showed a rather disheveled collection this season, clothes were unbuttoned and revealing the shoulders with wet-look hair and dark eye make-up with feminine red lips. The first look had the model wearing a black corduroy dress with floral shimmer to add femininity. The dress had revealed shoulders and a unbuttoned cardigan to create a mystery enigma.

I like how Prada is known for glamour and sophisticated, whereas this collection is so different. A different side to the brand




Despite the harsh winds and rough snow, I decided to go out and purchase a few items. I went to H&M's updated store on Regent St and found a structured denim top, with large pockets in a navy tone. I then went to visit Nike Town where I bought Nike Free Run 3. The shoes were featured on 'WISHLIST 1.0' and I can finally cross it off! The shoes look great in monochrome with scientific technology to keep you balanced with the right posture.




Popular fashion bloggers Abeeha and Maneeha run a very successful fashion blog, Style, City & Chic. I got the chance to sit down with them and talk fashion, models and designers. With so many questions to ask, we began almost immediately.

How are you guys today?
Maneeha: Hi, we're good thanks!
Abeeha: Yeah, really good.

So let's begin with, what made you want to create Style, City & Chic?
A: Well, I created it so that all my ideas like fashion and art were in one place. My dislikes and likes for friends and whoever wants to see it, but essentially so it's that all my ideas were centred in one place. You know when you have so many ideas about trends and things like that, it gets kind of confusing, however when you put it in one place, it's a good journal.

Do you girls have any favourite designers or models?
A: She does!
M: I'm very into the modelling and design aspect, at the moment Lebanese designers are very big. Designers like Elie Saab and Haider Ackermann. Elie Saab for instance, their work is very classic, floral but everyone can wear them, despite your style. Quite frankly, they're just perfect! Karl Lagerfeld of course, he's just a classic...
A: You see, I don't think he's classic
M: ...He is! I like his style, you can change it up for any different occasion.

How about models?
M: Joan Smalls, she is my number one at the moment. I think she's really unique because she's good at what she does. I also like Freja Beha, she is loved by Karl Lagerfeld. She's one of those people that everything she wears, looks really good.
A: Models? Not really, whoever looks suitable for the part is good. But I really like the supermodels, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon...

There is one thing I'd love to ask you in particular Maneeha, Karl Lagerfeld, a lot of people online have expressed that he should leave Chanel, because Chanel is about timeless, classic pieces. Whereas Karl re-invents these pieces and modernises them. What do you think?
M: No! Chanel wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for him, you must re-invent them, but you should bring in the old, he modernises it, but it still has the old element to it. You have to move on with the time, but they're still classic pieces. You'd see them wearing that before and now. It all depends on how you work it!




Check out this fun and innocent advertising campaign for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer collection. The video had elements of geocentricism, similar to the collection itself, with bold pops of yellow here and there. The short film was directed by John Wright who also directed the A/W 12 collection for LV.



Roberto Cavalli showed a rather wearable collection this fall with dramatic coats and ornate prints. The essence of the show was sexy and feminine. The first look had the model wearing a coat with ornate detailing along the sleeves and fur along the hood. She wore it over a matching print dress and finished with fur booties. The next instalment had the model wearing a ornate, baroque print pant-suit. It was well tailored and given an interesting twist with the amount of print.
I love the fur to off balance the amount of the ornate print. The coat is very bold and wearable.




Karl loves fur doesn't he? The collection was heavily influenced by fur, in the forms of coats, dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and even hair-pieces (PETA won't be happy). The show began with an unravelling origami-set of the Fendi logo, where the first model appeared. She wore a head-to-toe outfit in fur, with stripe detailing and a fur mohican. The next model wore a fur jacket, of the same detailing of the last, and a rich fur skirt. She was accessorised with knee-high socks and fur shoes.

I don't really like this, it looks very tribal to me. Not very Milan fashion.




The collection itself was very beautiful with structured pieces and strong detailing. Florals and snakeskin were very prominent on the runway, shown on coats and beautiful dresses. The final designs had rich detailing on sheer materials and silk gowns - very sexy.




Christopher Bailey envisioned a very modern woman for his latest collection, with translucent latex in contrast with animal textures and playful prints. The collection maintained it's classic silhouettes - trench coats, pencil skirts and evening dresses. Bailey added modern trend to reinvent the Burberry label. The first look had the model wearing a classic trench coat with latex accents on the shoulder and sleeves, with metallic detailing on the hips to create a fuller, curvier look. Cara Delevinge wore a playful leopard print (very big at DKNY) top and nude tone pencil skirt with heart-printed shorts.

Love the latex sleeves, very modern.
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