Christopher Bailey envisioned a very modern woman for his latest collection, with translucent latex in contrast with animal textures and playful prints. The collection maintained it's classic silhouettes - trench coats, pencil skirts and evening dresses. Bailey added modern trend to reinvent the Burberry label. The first look had the model wearing a classic trench coat with latex accents on the shoulder and sleeves, with metallic detailing on the hips to create a fuller, curvier look. Cara Delevinge wore a playful leopard print (very big at DKNY) top and nude tone pencil skirt with heart-printed shorts.

Love the latex sleeves, very modern.
Karlie Kloss wore a burgundy coloured ensemble, with a printed shirt with leather collars and a latex skirt with smart flats. Liu Wen wore a nude tone latex top, with a snakeskin pencil skirt - simply divine. Animal prints were also very prominent on the runway, models wore a range of prints - giraffe, snakeskin and leopard prints. Fei Fei Sun looked casual in a comfortable knitted jumper, which was teamed with a leopard print skirt.

Geometric designs were also included, in the forms of stripes. These looked very bold yet simple, arranged in various colours from black to deep red. The final looks consisted burgundy latex, simple white dresses and which finished with a black latex trench coat.

I really like this look, simple yet edgy.
I don't really like the amount of prints, too much
The latex in contrast with the playful print create an edgy feel.
Perfect! Liu Wen looks amazing!
Fei Fei looks so relaxed and casual in this outfit
I like the colour choice, the shoulder detailing is masculine in juxtaposition with the perfect length.
The geometric stripes add a interesting look to the outfit.
Perhaps a little too much latex.
Very nice! The white is very clean and matches well with the gold.
The dress is fairly simple, nothing spectacular.
Closing the show with the classic Burberry silhouette, very simple and modern in black with metallics.



  1. Great post! & I was obsessed with that show. I watched it over and over again and then when Tom Odell performed my heart stopped. It was the perfect cherry on top!


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