Karl loves fur doesn't he? The collection was heavily influenced by fur, in the forms of coats, dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and even hair-pieces (PETA won't be happy). The show began with an unravelling origami-set of the Fendi logo, where the first model appeared. She wore a head-to-toe outfit in fur, with stripe detailing and a fur mohican. The next model wore a fur jacket, of the same detailing of the last, and a rich fur skirt. She was accessorised with knee-high socks and fur shoes.

I don't really like this, it looks very tribal to me. Not very Milan fashion.

Geometric detailed coats were also shown, with plunging-blue fur. The base of the coat was corduroy with fur shapes on the chest and sleeves. Fine fur coats were shown over fitted dresses, with a bright-coloured belt to add a pop of colour. Fringe coats were next, with materials of leather to modernise the creation, mainly shown subtly on sleeves.

Over-sized jumpers in colours of blue were juxtaposed with white leather skirts, very modern and trendy. Bright neon-pink was shown on fur under-laying to further the hue of the coat. Very modern, two-material coats were seen with fur and cotton, in two tones of course. Structured coats were shown with large lapels and leather skirts. The look was accessorised with knee-high socks, fur heels and a fur bag.

Structured pieces continued, in the forms of coats and dresses. These were made from leather with large collars. Fur trimmings were last, being shown on lengthy-black dresses, and the final look of a fur coat with pink 'spinal' detailing along the front.

Perhaps the amount of the coat (before) was too much, this is better, the skirt looks divine! 
I like the casual vision of this look, the coat is edgy with the use of leather and shapes. In contrast with the loose pants.
The fringe sleeves is a trend I can see for this F/W, it seems very simple and chic.
Nope, the dress looks horrible with the over-use of fringe and colour choice.
Amazing - I like the casual material of the top in contrast with the edginess of the structured, leather skirt. 
A great way to use colour, the white makes it pop even more.
Love the coat, over-sized is a very big trend this season.
Black with black fur beats everything else, wow.
I like the classic side of the top, juxtaposed with the modern skirt.
I think the coat is a little too big, looks very 'Matrix' to me.
I adore the silhouette of the dress, very interesting. 
Very nice, perhaps the colour in the fur isn't right.
I like the fur, but I absolutely detest the detailing! It's far too strong and in the wrong colour!
Too much fur on Fendi? Let me know below!


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