Muccia Prada showed a rather disheveled collection this season, clothes were unbuttoned and revealing the shoulders with wet-look hair and dark eye make-up with feminine red lips. The first look had the model wearing a black corduroy dress with floral shimmer to add femininity. The dress had revealed shoulders and a unbuttoned cardigan to create a mystery enigma.

I like how Prada is known for glamour and sophisticated, whereas this collection is so different. A different side to the brand

Playing with the same smart silhouette, Prada then showcased belted coats and blazers. These were in tones of grey with a over-sized element to it. To add to the disheveled look throughout the collection. Striped corduroy was featured on Adriana Lima and Magdalena Frackowiak, the girls wore large stripes in contrasting tones. Hanne Odiele then wore a messy look - she wore a black dress, with shimmer detailing and a sheer skirt. She was accessorised with a belt, an over-sized bag and strong aviator sunglasses. Striped corduroy was also shown in the forms of skirts, this look was teamed with a fur coat and  a eye-catching red bag. She was finished with leather booties. 

Leather was also prominent of the runway in a variety of bold colours, these were mainly worn on skirts or to add colour here and there. Most of these colours were teamed with fine furs, a rather interesting juxtaposition. 

Nearing the end, the models began to look more sophisticated with crocodile skin outfits - these were mainly used for outerwear, in the form of jackets and fitted coats. In rich tones of brown. Fur was the last material shown, worn over sexy sheer dresses.

I like this look a lot, the fur sleeves add a touch of glamour, with the shimmer of the silver belt.
Adriana looks so good! She looks amazing in this outfit.
Magdalena stuns as usual, she looks well-kept despite the hair.
I somewhat like this look, although it's one of the 'messiest' looks, the skirt adds modernity and the sunglasses as strength - a great combination.
I'd prefer the look without the bag, I think it's far too bright.
I hate this look, the colour of the leather, with the print of the skirt and fur?! 
Not even.
Quintessential at its best, the detailing is amazing. 
Ginta Lapina looks good! The colour of the dress matches her very well.
Hmm, I'm not too sure about this one. The shoes do look very nice.
I think that the dress is very feminine, with a masculine touch of the jacket. It looks beautiful and yet contemporary. 

I like the juxtaposition of the masculine leather with the femininty of the dress.

Woah, what a final look. She looks so sexy with the sheer dress with shimmer detailing. Finished with a fur coat, effortless!


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