Smiling, prim and always well-spoken, Kenya Grant was more than ready to talk about make-up products and beauty trends. Aiming to become a journalist and to make it big in the world, sitting down with her was a pleasure.

Why did you want to create Coco Iman?
Kenya: Well I wanted to create the blog, because I feel it ties in with something I'd like to do it in the future whether it's journalism or something down the route of English teaching, so I felt like it was appropriate.

What was the inspiration behind the name?
K: My middle name is Iman, but I always hated it! But as I got older, I learned to embrace it. Coco? I'm not too sure where that came from, I do like chocolate - so it could be that! 

Are there any make-up products that you recommend?
K: Yes, there is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil - I swear by that and I use it every morning. I love MAC products, their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and their Matchmaster Foundation are both really goodI also love Barry M's lipstick. My favourites are TMP (The one that turns from green to pink) and Shocking Pink (Shade 52). It's a duplicate of MAC's candy yum yum, so it's fairly affordable.

MAC collaborate with a lot of influential people, what do you think of Nicki Minaj's collab with the brand?
K: I'd like to purchase that, the look is very appealing and I love Nicki Minaj! I think it's a simple idea yet very influential because it attracts a different audience. The cause is also very helpful and useful.

Is there a brand of product that you absolutely hate?
K: I don't really like Sleek's compact foundation, I don't really like it because it’s very 'cakey' and thick. I do like a medium full-coverage - but this is far too much.

What are some of your beauty tips and secrets?
K: If I tell you, they won't be secrets! Well I do a face pack every Saturday, and nose strips too; they help to clean your pores to keep a clean complexion. I also steam my face twice a week, to keep the skin clean. Most importantly, I always use a good primer before I apply my make-up; I use the one from MUA, because it helps to keep the make-up on longer!

Do you think that sleep is important for beauty?
K: Well I go to bed quite late! Yeah, I guess. I mean it's not too significant, I think it's better to get more sleep because your brain will be more alert, but in terms of beauty. It's not too important to me.

James Scully is a popular casting director for fashion and beauty, and he believes that there is a lot of racism within the industry. Do you agree?
K: Racism exists, and unfortunately it won't go away. However, with the multi-racial YouTuber's and blogger's that you see on the internet. They're cultures are very varied, you see asian, black, white bloggers and it's so many races so it will help. I'd like to think it doesn't exist because everyone is unique in their on way.

Have you been noticing any beauty trends?
K: One that is very popular is the winged-eyeliner. A lot of girls are doing it right now and it’s very versatile. For day-time looks, a subtle amount is appropriate, but when it’s a night-out. I guess you can add more.

So what's your perfect night-out look?
K: I'd do the eye-liner flick, with some very nice eyeshadow. My eyebrows will have to be on point! And if the outfit matches the make-up, even better! I like to match the clothes with the eye-makeup. 

What's next for Coco Iman?
K: Hopefully, more followers and views! If you're starting out, try to channel all your energy into it, I think it’s very relaxing; think about your likes and dislikes and just post about it!

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