Popular fashion bloggers Abeeha and Maneeha run a very successful fashion blog, Style, City & Chic. I got the chance to sit down with them and talk fashion, models and designers. With so many questions to ask, we began almost immediately.

How are you guys today?
Maneeha: Hi, we're good thanks!
Abeeha: Yeah, really good.

So let's begin with, what made you want to create Style, City & Chic?
A: Well, I created it so that all my ideas like fashion and art were in one place. My dislikes and likes for friends and whoever wants to see it, but essentially so it's that all my ideas were centred in one place. You know when you have so many ideas about trends and things like that, it gets kind of confusing, however when you put it in one place, it's a good journal.

Do you girls have any favourite designers or models?
A: She does!
M: I'm very into the modelling and design aspect, at the moment Lebanese designers are very big. Designers like Elie Saab and Haider Ackermann. Elie Saab for instance, their work is very classic, floral but everyone can wear them, despite your style. Quite frankly, they're just perfect! Karl Lagerfeld of course, he's just a classic...
A: You see, I don't think he's classic
M: ...He is! I like his style, you can change it up for any different occasion.

How about models?
M: Joan Smalls, she is my number one at the moment. I think she's really unique because she's good at what she does. I also like Freja Beha, she is loved by Karl Lagerfeld. She's one of those people that everything she wears, looks really good.
A: Models? Not really, whoever looks suitable for the part is good. But I really like the supermodels, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon...

There is one thing I'd love to ask you in particular Maneeha, Karl Lagerfeld, a lot of people online have expressed that he should leave Chanel, because Chanel is about timeless, classic pieces. Whereas Karl re-invents these pieces and modernises them. What do you think?
M: No! Chanel wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for him, you must re-invent them, but you should bring in the old, he modernises it, but it still has the old element to it. You have to move on with the time, but they're still classic pieces. You'd see them wearing that before and now. It all depends on how you work it!

On the other hand, do you girls hate any designers or models?
A: *She sighs frustratingly* I don't like celebrity designers, most of them I hate. Except for Rachel Zoe, she's an exception. There isn't anyone who I hate in particular, but there is always that collection or designer that doesn't...do it for me.
M: Nope, not in particular! As long as the designs fit their collection, different designs, suit different style tastes.

Cara Delevinge has quite a lot of hate, what do you think of her?
A: I think she's good, to look 'pretty-ugly', she's not afraid. But she is very overrated and just, done now. I've seen her face too much, it's boring me now.
M: She has the classic Burberry face, with the eyebrows. But I think she's overrated, when you see someone too much, it just...kills it.

What are some of your handbag, must-have items?
M: Chanel loose powder, however if it was more wardrobe focused. Then definitely leather pants, because they're very versatile, you can wear them in day-time or on a night out. With heels, it's just...you can reinvent it, in so many ways.

Have you girls been noticing any trends?
A: I don't focus on trends too much, I wear what I want to. It's quite minimal, like Saint Laurent this year was very grunge, leather is reigning well. I'm not too into trends.
M: It depends on what goes with your outfit really, I do however try to keep up with the beauty trends. A lot of bright lips for summer, which I do all year round!

Abeeha, you briefly touched on Saint Laurent. What did you think of F/W?
A: Yes, I can't say I liked it. Well, it was unimpressive, because it was his first collection for Saint Laurent and there were big expectations, but it was too grunge for me. It didn't work for it, it just didn't.
M: Yeah, when it gets to repetitive, sometimes you need that 'bang!' in the show, that changes it for each year.

What's the next thing for Style, City & Chic?
A: I think I want our audience and viewers, they're very big range - we get people from Mexico, America, the Middle-East, the UK, France. It's a very big range! I want to do something, so that they can interact, rather than comments and stuff. I think it's much more fun. Perhaps videos and tutorials, it's better to watch than read!
M : I agree, it's just more exciting, because it's easier to do it. 

Finally, what would you say to your followers?
A: Stay chic!

Check out Style, City & Chic here!


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