Mary Katrantzou aimed for a very Eastern-look this season, in the forms of structured dresses and simple hairstyles. Cinematic prints played a huge role in the collection, with most being on dresses. The first look had the model wearing a dress with heavy padding on the shoulders to add masculinity, the print was beautiful pixels of white on black - resembling flowers falling off a jasmine tree. The next look was a strapless dress with a print of a cobbled street in London, the dress itself is very well structured with the use of material.

I love the detailing of the dress and the masculine shoulders.
Another eccentric look from the show, was the over-sized dress with wide sleeves. The print was a night scene with a photo of a jasmine tree, with the large moon at the back. To add to the mystery, the colours were black, white and with tonnes of navy. A coat them came with structured, blazer tailoring atop, in juxtaposition with the flowing bottom. The coat was in a mix of colours, ranging from pink to black.

Perhaps the more wearable look from the show, the bedazzled jumper with a neat blue pencil skirt and bootie-heels. Then came the leather black dress, with 'industria' 3D prints, the dress had wide shoulders and packed a very strong element. 

The final looks used lighter materials than those before, these had subtle prints with bold colors. They looked very magical and simply beautiful.

What a cinematic print!
Love this, I can imagine Lady Gaga wearing this one, beautiful.
Very wearable and simple.
Love the pop of colour from the skirt, the top is very nice.
One of my favourite looks from the show, very strong.
I love the light fabrics used and subtle prints. The colours are stunning.
Very feminine, beautiful.
What a final look, wow.


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