When the screen lit up and model Cara Delevinge emerged, the DKNY show began. The first look consisted of three colours; white, cream and black. She was wearing a clean white shirt, under a cream blazer teamed with tight, black suit pants. Throw a matching coat and ankle boots and it was look number one. Donna then showed modern pieces, using the same colour pallet with the additional subtle material of leather. The looks were very modern and fresh, with a classic a touch of masculine tailoring to them.

Cara looks amazing, the tailoring of the outfit is well-done. She looks smart and bold with the colour choice
Donna then added heavy influences of leopard print, to sporty outfits, with some models donning leopard print all over, with a over-sized jacket thrown on top. The next looks had used two materials to add a fresh touch to a simple look. Then burst of red began to make its way into the collection, shown along with more leopard print on contemporary dresses. Dresses were well structured and bold in colour, with some worn under blazers.

Then came casual pieces which were over-sized knit jumpers styled in a very casual aesthetic. These looks were given an edge with either leather boots or leather sleeves. The next few looks focused on cleanliness - a simple clean white shirt, under a large coat with a chic bag. 

Contemporary looks followed, with heavy usage of leather mixed with simple materials, with just three colour tones, similar to the first few looks. Before the very sexy gowns appeared, these were 'mullet-style' gowns and sheer. All were finished with black suit pants and black boots. The final look was a bright burst of bright red, the model wore a cropped jumper with high-waisted pants.

The look was simple hair, with a middle parting and very clean and fresh make-up.

Love this look, very chic with a modern twist.
Not too keen on the print, a little bit to much
Eeeek! This is horrible, its too similar to Jeremy Scott's designs.
Nope, this is terrible 
What a bold colour choice, love the shirt and blazer paired with a feminine skirt.
Best look from the show, casual chic
I love the touch of leather to off-set the lightness of wool.
Very elegant, love the coat and jumper. The shoes go very well and so does the hat.
Not too keen on this one, great colour choice. Perhaps if it was a biker jacket it would've looked better?
A big trend so far, 'mullet-style' gowns. Love the use of sheer around the shoulders, very Mugler.
Wow, this is fabulous. Love the colour and pants, paired with a bold jumper.

Did Donna over-kill it with the leopard print? Let me know below.


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