The show featured monochrome pieces, with splashes of deep red and tanned tones. The initial pieces were strong and bold, with the models wearing fitted trousers, a fur jacket and a clean shirt below; very reminiscent to Karl Lagerfeld. The show then moved onto sexy evening wear, with short hemlines and black booties, so extenuate a woman's legs. 

I love the masculinity of this outfit, the chic tailoring, with subtle leather and a bold collar. The use of simple colours, will create a timeless outfit.
Jason then showed pops of deep red tones, in the panelled jumper and red cocktail dress, before finally showing the tan pieces, combined with leather. Then came the more flamboyant dresses, immersing the model in cocktail feathers, all the way to her neck.

Saving the best till last, Jason showed 'mullet-style' gowns, with the model donning a pair of black pants and silk strappy heels. Last but not least, the burst of royal blue, which looked very light, and even though it was covering most of the model, she looked sexy, yet simple.

Fei Fei Sun wearing a texture-focused piece, giving the outfit a modern look.
I absolutely adore this ensemble, the top is modern and fresh. The colour choice is perfect!
A casual jacket, teamed with tailored pants to sharpen and add edge to the look. To appeal to a more broader audience, the jacket is very wearable.
I'm not too keen on this one, but I certainly don't hate it. If Jason made the dress black and teamed it with a white belt, I think I would've liked this dress a little more.
This reminds me of Raf Simons' debut collection at Dior, the fabulous red, teamed with tailored pants.  I still adore this frame and love the colour choice. 
J'adore this gown, such a rich colour choice, shown through light materials. The peplum and belt give it a different edge, making it more interesting, simply elegant.


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