The show began with heavy knits, with colours of grey, white and black. The models looked very cold and icy, donning black, fur elbow-high gloves. Until the burst of tan came from a leather jacket, teamed with a knit hoodie and matching pants. 

Very icy look, covering most of the model in knitwear.
The looks then moved onto sleek leather with fur-lined sleeves, creating a 2 material jacket which is indeed, very modern. This was followed by oversized jackets, paired with tailored trousers and a knitwear black heel, yes , knitted heels. Alex then showed his knitted jumpers for winter, which were very modern as they had a shiny detailed pattern across them. These modern jumpers were worn with either a pencil or leather skirt.

Moving onto the jackets, which were again over-sized and very well structured, these pieces had a 'ripped' detailing across them in another material. The next tone for the show was of course, grey; these pieces looked casual and fairly wearable. 

The final few were back to monochrome, the pieces were well tailored and sharp, with focus across the collar bone of the model. Finally, the last pieces were chic, to say the least. Very modern silk tops, with silk pants. She shoes were also very interesting as they hand't been done before. The final look had the model wearing a white silk vest and pants, finished with a grey fur jacket and silver heels.

Hair was a ginger pony-tail with a simple, icy make-up.

Perhaps the only bold colour, the jacket is very wearable
I love this look, very modern and simple. 
Over sized jacket with two colours, very nice. Perhaps its time to lose the hoodies?  The coat is already bold and does not require the additional knitwear. Note the knitted shoes.
I like the jumper, very modern and different. The bag is also lovely, great colour choice. My only problem is the skirt, I wish it was tighter around the knees, to sharpen the look.
A navy version of the look above, with the skirt, having the detailing instead. Without the detailing, it would've looked quite plain.
Not my favourite look from the show, the coat would've looked better without the 'ripped' detailing. The colour, alone, is bold enough.
Adore this look, chic leather tee, given an edge with the pattern. Paired with the skirt gives it a 10/10.
Fei Fei Sun wearing a grey outfit, I love the jacket with minimal detailing on the sleeves and across the shoulders. The pants are simple and match well with the shoes.
Giving a classic material a new look, very up-to-date.
Magnificent. Love the colour choice and a interesting twist to a tee. The shoes are also very unique.
Not a fan of the colour choice on the pants, I like the fur jacket and silk tee. They match very well.
I love this look, very strong and masculine. With a slight touch of feminine with a plunging neckline.
What did you make of this show? Did it live up to his Spring / Summer line for 2013?


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