The House of Holland collection was youthful, fun and very colourful. The main theme for the show was abstract prints, with models donning an influence of it, here and there. Look number had the model wearing a head-to-toe abstract print suit in red, with a similar blue shirt underneath. Green versions of this print came into play as well, in the forms of dresses and skirts - surprisingly wearable. 

I like this look, very youthful and very bold.
Moving onto blue tones, models wore more prints (circular and even martini glasses!), these wore worn with leather tops to modernise it even further. The first print came back out, in recolours of pink & orange, pale pink & peach and green & white. These look wearable, in the forms of jumpers and dresses.

The final looks consisted of fuchsia knitwear with fur-skirts, a large top with jewels on the edges with matching pants and finally, a purple dress which had a variety of youthful jewels embedded onto it, finished with a purple, fur coat.

This looks very wearable to me, I like this look a lot.
Very bold once again, it would suit street-style.
Not a huge fan of this look, I don't like the print and shoes.
I like the mix of prints and colours, I wish it was a little tighter though.
I wish the pants were tailored, it would smarten-up the look.
J'adore this ensemble, very chic and sexy.
I love the colour choice on the top and the skirt, it adds youth.
Beautiful yet casual.
Too excessive for me, the colour choice is very nice though.


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