Wow, this collection is amazing. The designs were modern with leather, mixed with soft cotton and bold hits of colour. It also had 2 tonal materials and colours, along with futuristic sunglasses.The show opened with male model Simon Nessman and Karmen Pedaru wearing blue designs, Simon wore an over-sized black coat, with a blue turtle-neck. Karmen wore a blue tee, with leather accents on the front, and a blue zipped-skirt. Both were wearing black sunglasses. 
Karmen looks bold and strong in the colour choice, whereas Simon looks engulfed in knitwear, the coat is also a little too big.
Tones of blue continued, until the burst of amber came into the clothes. The models wore black with the colour, to tame the amount, in a simple belted-knit with leather gloves and thick-strapped heels. Peplums also made a hit, designed to extenuate a woman's curves. 

Masculine pieces then arrived, with models wearing a pant-suit, an over-sized coat and accessorised  with a briefcase. Metallic quilts also appeared in the form of jacket-sleeves and tops, which were worn with simple, black pants. The male models wore jackets which had leather detailing and corduroy as a base, all in black to make it a timeless piece. 

Camo prints and khaki-tones were also prominent, women wore head-to-toe prints, with leather accessories and bold amber heels. Male models wore a khaki-toned trench with leather sleeves and smart trousers. 

Black dresses came, with leather accents around the waist and chest, finished with strappy heels. Finally, Michael showed mullet-dresses, with a base of black, and bold pops of colour. In tones varying from black to bright yellow. Karlie closed the show, wearing an embellished black gown, with a fabulous black train.

Very modern with the black shapes. I don't like the heels and the leggings, together.
Love this look, very casual with the knit-wear, to add colour, the pants work very well.
Peplum dresses are usually boring, adding the black detailing gives an edge.
Adore this piece, the belt works well in creating hips, the outfit looks strong and sophisticated.
Love the masculine tailoring, adore that she isn't wearing heels, she looks good.
Contemporary chic.
I like the coat very much, I'd wear it!
The leather off-sets the camo well, I like the pop of orange in the shoe.
Nothing new, still like the coat very much.
The belt detailing is a little too strong, especially with the heels. 
Love this look! She looks so chic!
I like the colour choice, very bold
Karlie looks amazing in this dress, I love the detailing of the gown itself. The train somewhat tames it.
  Did you like his collection? Let me know below.


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