Clean, crisp, sharp - these are the words to describe the latest collection by Victoria Beckham.The models looked fresh and innocent with simple and clean make-up. The collection was sharp and smart, with a heavy influence of sophistication. Most looks had models donning a pair of black knee-high boots, which were of course leather. The other few, wore sharp classic pumps.

Sharp and very clean, I like this look.
The first looks consisted of greys and blacks, in the form of white shirts, which were worn under one-piece dresses, that were belted. The looks were clean and masculine and empower the woman that Victoria had envisioned. 

Then came the more 'colourful' from the collection - they too followed the simple design, with a thin jumper which was belted, teamed with a matching pleated-skirt and simple pumps. Geometric designs soon followed, in copper and black, and in two tonal materials to add a modern touch. 

Textured pieces then came, with models donning black dresses, all were belted. Textures varied from soft satin, to shiny sequins. The final look had the model wearing a one-piece with short sleeves and detailing around the belt, finished with black pumps.

This looks very classy and stylish, yet comfortable. An idea, every woman must love!
Very modern with the emphasis around the waist, the material of the sleeves, different from the rest adds modernity.
The look is great, with the colour choice. But what is that thing on the jumper?
The copper and black match very well, the boots emotes a youthful style.
J'adore this, it looks very contemporary and clean. The boots also add youth.
Very nice, smart and sophisticated. The dress looks absolutely timeless.
I like the satin in contrast with the sequins, very cool.
Wish this wasn't the final look! Beautiful, although not special


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