Mulberry stuns yet again, with this beautiful collection - filled with British heritage, smooth leathers and fine furs. The first look had the model wearing a over-sized coat with fur collars, she wore a knee-length patterned dress with smart shoes and a chic bag. The next look had the model wearing an edgy leather coat with a pleated leather skirt - amazing. Florals were also prominent, being based on darker tones to create the winter atmosphere.

I love the winter feel of this look and those fab heels.
Models also wore blazers, with alternate sleeves and matching jumpers. This blazer combo was paired with short pants and chunky heels. Another look from the show, was the beautiful black outfit, with the model wearing a knit jumper and a fur skirt, with black pants underneath and simple heels, amazing. 

Extravagant sleeves were also very prominent during the show, with models donning them on coats, usually in fur, worn with simple tailored pants and chunky heels. The final look was on Cara Delevinge, she wore a black coat with lace sleeves,  black trousers and leather gloves.

Wow, this is the best look I have every seen. Everything about it is perfect!
I don't really like the sleeves on this look, the pants are great though.
There is nothing special about this look, however the gloves do modernise it.
The top looks very Japanese for me, paring it with the skirt is beautiful.
Too excessive on the print, the colour on the bag is beautiful. 
Just, wow.
Edgy chic.
I don't think you understand how much I love this.
Not very strong for a 'final look', I wish it were the one above
 What did you make of this year's Mulberry collection?


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