Prabal Gurung is among my favourite designers, and this year, he did not fail to impress. The first few looks were very strong at showcasing military influences, through the use of colours, leather and masculinity. Keeping with the same tone, he added ethnic designs to the looks, giving them an interesting twist. The looks also had very subtle silk element to them, off-setting the masculinity, adding a touch of feminine.

I love the thigh-high boots here, very strong and unique. A turtle-neck with reveals on the shoulder, which is rather different.
Continuing with the military essence, the next tones were rich-navy, teamed with golden heels. The looks were bold with a subtle addition of silk, chic simplicity. To wash over the lighter looks from the show, he then accessorized the already strong pieces, with bondage accessories. The following looks had various pops of red, which is a change so far.

Moving onto abstract designs, which were displayed on dresses and trousers, paired with a structured top. Before following the full-on silk dresses, which had floral detailing. Closer to the end, the looks were one-shoulder dresses, with golden accents along them. And finally, the 2 last looks were extravagant gowns, showing a lot of skin; the penultimate khaki tone gown, focusing skin around the waist and the last which was navy with bondage accents too.

I think this look is wearable, fairly simple for any woman.
Ethnic detailing, silk skirt and strappy heels. A little too weak of a look for me, not very winter.
2 materials to make it modern, again, a little too weak. I prefer the other stronger, bolder looks from this collection.
Much better; bold tailoring, a strong jacket and a simple shirt. Finished with a golden heel and sleek leather gloves.
The use of denim is what I hate. If it were a simple material, with the red florals and bondage accessories - I'd fallen head over Louboutins for it.
Abstract pants with a simple shirt. I like it, if the florals was to be removed, it would've been quite plain.  However, there is nothing outstanding with this look, the print has been done before.
Very sexy with the high slit, I love the use of florals here, very light compared to the initial looks. The strappy heels are also amazing, love the 2 tonal usage.
The close up of the detailing of the gown is amazing, very intricate and elegant. The silk edges and golden detailing, remind me of a traditional Indian dress. I like the amount of skin shown, but isn't that for summer?
Not a huge fan of this look, too much silk, looks very safari to me. Seems quickly designed and not paired with the right footwear.
The dress is amazing, but it would've been better without the bondage accents. Pairing a light gown, with strong and bold accessories, as such, does not work for me.


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