"Modern sophistication" is one way to describe the Jasper Conran collection, it consisted of smart tailoring with modern shapes, a 'classic' template, would be in a rich tone of bright colours. The first few looks were tailored tops with large collars, this is worn with a pleated skirt of the same colour and finished with simple flats. 

I love the sophisticated of this outfit, truly timeless
Conran then showed fur elements in his designs, with the usage in skirts and coats. Before showing bright outfits which still had the smart element to it. These were zipped short-sleeved dresses with another top underneath. One particular look had a top with transparent sleeves, a navy top with large collars, which was worn with smart shorts and flat shoes.

After the navy, a burst of bright-pink appeared, the model wore a modern tee, with a pleated skirt, she was accessorised with an orange hat, matching flats and a small handbag. Another bright colour; orange. This was a one-piece dress with classic elements, this was worn with orange rights and pink shoes. 

Smart-casual outfits also appeared, with models wearing a simple tee, with a large collar, this was paired with a pleated skirt and casual flats - all in a bright-tone of course. A particular looked had a knitted t-shirt, with a dress made of red circles! This circle-design was also shown on a red dress. 

Sequins matched well with the bold colours to make any woman stand out, this were usually shown on dresses to call the focus point. Conran then showed the final black looks, which had all the elements from the first outfits; modern sophistication, sequins on bold colours and circular-based designs.

I particularly like the buttons, the pockets and the collar of this outfit.
A little bit too much, the fur is very nice, but the execution is horrid.
I love this look, very modern sophistication.
Just wow.
I love this piece, the bright colours work very well! The orange accessories somewhat tone down the pink.
The classic template, modernised by the colour choice.
The circular design is interesting the say the least, however I think colour blocking would've made it stand out, even more.
Very nice, I like the colour choice.
The pink and orange sequins make this look tacky and overwhelming, the dress itself is horribly constructed.
A little bit to much for me, I like the design only in moderation.
Perfect, black sequins with the circle design work very well.
A simple dress, with the modern touch of circular designs.
What did you think of his collection?


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