The Marc Jacobs show had a very sexy element to it, with lots of skin on show and tight bodycons. To add a juxtaposition, he included innocent sleep-wear style tops, with matching bottoms. The models looked pure with the simple haircut, but rough and edgy with dark make-up. The first few looks had prominent touches of metallics, combined with suede to soften the edge.
Love the metallic shirt in contrast with the material of the shorts.

Simple yet strong coats appeared, in the form of masculine tailoring with the use of metallics; all of which had large collars. Cable jumpers soon followed, which were worn with high-waisted short-shorts, to add a taste of sex-appeal to a simple knit.

Perhaps the more controversial looks from the show - the topless model, wearing fishnet gloves to cover her chest, in which she wore high-waisted short-shorts. The next look had the model wearing only a blazer and no bottoms.

Models were then shown wearing pyjama-style tops and matching bottoms, which were made of silk or some sort of metallic-material. Sequins were also very prominent in the collection, shown on pyjamas. 

 Before the final looks which had heavy usage of fur, some pieces were full-on fur coats, whilst some were more subtle with a one-piece fox around the neck of the models. These were worn with silk dresses in tones of red, brown and cream.

More sequin-dresses followed, which were shown with fur collars, which was finished with a simple clutch and matching heels - very evening wear.

Very modern sophistication, with a classic jumper to tone the dress down.
Very similar shape to what he designed for LV S/S 13. Love the simplicity of the outfit.
A classic jumper with a modern pair of shorts, adore the fox-scarf.
The gloves are very Versace F/W 12, not much on show to talk about.
I like the feminine touch to a masculine-style suit. The heels, strengthen the bold look.
Very casual and comfortable chic, matching heels and clutch make this look extra unique.
Adore the look, the coat looks very glamorous in contrast with silk.
Glamour at its best, love the colour choice and strappy heels.
Not my favourite look, I don't like pink sequins. 
The fur goes very well with the jacket, love the use of leather on the belt to tone down the look.
YES! Love the sequin gown with that extravagant fur piece!
My favourite look from the show, adore that the top doesn't match with the dress, the hint of purple goes well with the fur.


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