Jason Wu's collection this season, certainly had a aura of 90s glam. In the forms of slip-on dresses, shimmer materials on selected designs and hit model Karen Elson, who opened the show. She wore a sheer dress, with transition shimmer, cascading down, with a beautiful reveal of her back. The dress allows freedom of movement, elegance and grace in a subtle manner.

Karen Elson opening the show, I like this dress - very subtle sexiness.
Following Karen, the pieces became minimalist, white and cool. Ensembles were loose, with comfort in mind. The outfits create a demure look, with nonchalant style. Sheer khaki shirts where also shown, a modern twist on a survival basic. The shirt features chest pockets, perhaps for utility or modesty.

A signature Wu show, finished with the primary colours of the collection. This year, Jason used pastel mint, rich blues and gorgeous tans. Mints were presented on loose pieces, emphasising on sweet clothes. Whereas blue tones were used on tighter, form-fitting ensembles; inferring strength and power. An explosion of shimmer materials used, with a similar cascading effect. Shown on silk slip-ons, which was very sexy and a strong nod to the 90s.

Best look? Love the materials on the top half, a very clean and crisp outfit.
I really like this, the simplicity is alluring.
Out dated as it may be, the sheer introduces a new level of modernity.
Best look 2, I really like this. A cool and edgy look for any girl.
Love the colour of blue, a very deep and rich tone.
Glamour in the most muted way, very subtle.
Nothing can go wrong with this look.
I really like the combo of the leather jacket and an elegant skirt, there's a level of roughness and raw to it.
Love the absolute sexiness of this, very bold and glamorous with the fur train.

Which was your favourite look?


P.S, today is my birthday! 

Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. happy birthday victor, great review too

  2. I absolutely loved look number 3, 4, the coat at 5 and the jumpsuit at 8. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the show, when those minimal looks hit the runway. Such a stunning and beautiful collection!

    1. Jason gets better with each collection doesn't he? He truly knows what's best and what isn't for his shows.

  3. Uhh i'm so disappointed. I love Wu but I feel like we've seen all this before. I mean look #4 looks like BCBG Max Azria. I like it but it's not new and inventive. I don't know just kind of bored by this collection :(

    1. I do think it's weaker this year, especially if you compare it with his previous collections. I think there was too much emphasis on 90s era, especially with the slip-on dresses, which are a weak look.


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