Sitting in a quiet café on Caxton Street, whilst watching the rain patter against the roads, I began to feel more than nervous. I was to attend the 22nd Schön celebration party, inviting fashionable photographers, make-up artists and of course LFW. Quickly finishing off my drink, I made my way into the lavish hotel, situated in heart of London.

Supermodel Coco Rocha graces the 22nd issue of Schön
I was met with a beautiful interior and friendly staff, directing me to the event itself. I began to introduce myself and Chromati-c and I let the conversation flow. I met some very talented stylists and photographers, all with interesting opinions. We discussed various topics, from NYFW to Terry Richardson and Hedi Slimane. There was a constant buzz throughout the night, with live performances and an open bar. The event was very well planned and super fun.

St Ermin's Hotel, situated in the centre of London.
Wonderful interior inside the hotel.
The beautiful chandelier which hung over the room, with an elaborate bouquet of flowers
Some very interesting people in the fashion industry 
Any questions about the event? Ask me below!




  1. Lucky you! Had you met some interesting people? Wish I was there too. xx

    1. Yes, I met so many cool people. I met this amazing photographer (Alan Davies), we got the chance to speak about Terry Richardson and his latest work with Miley Cyrus. He had some really interesting points and opinions. I also met a couple of others, but the one person who stood out the most was stylist Jennie Kwon. She gave me some very clever tips and advice for a future in the business :-)


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