I personally felt a little disappointed with Burberry and Christopher Bailey this season, this is because nothing was new. I feel like I've seen this all before. When he showed menswear looks in this show, they were the exact ones from the mens' season before. Bailey used the same silhouettes from his past collections too, for example a shirt, which was tucked into a pencil skirt. However, there are some parts of this collection I do like. For example, I love the way he played with sheer materials, especially the multi toned versions, it looks really unique and special. And the way he added black tones on the ends of yellows and purples to create a darker side of Burberry.

I also adored his message this season, the idea of freedom. He said that the sport shoes were added to create a sense of freedom, and a 'running in the meadow' feel. With this, he teamed light and summery dresses to support the ideas of freedom. Some looks did really stand out, but a collection with 30+ looks is too much and there are definitely some he could've cut out. This raises some concern as Dolce and Gabbana tend to do the same thing - repetitive outfits and far too many looks...what do you think?

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com

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