As a blogger, one of the most difficult tasks I have is to cut looks from a show and it was the most difficult today. In his latest runway, the set was a street in France, held in the Grand Palais, one of the biggest venues used for hosting a runway show and today, it held a feminist protest. Top-model Cara Delevingne was at the front, marching the girls along the street, chanting "What do we want?" "Free!" The protest boards read 'Free freedom', 'Ladies First', 'Fashion not war' among many others. In terms of this collection, I'd have to say it is pretty close to perfect.

It's interesting to see the change in Lagerfeld's collections, think back to Couture Fall 2010, where models wore strict suits, with a fur lining on the sleeves and the hem of skirts. This was a look that only a editor could wear, like Anna Wintour who quickly adopted this elegant style in her daily wardrobe. But as his collections past, the style and the clothes became more youthful, like Fall 2013's simple tweed jackets, with a black skirt and thigh-high skin-tight leather boots, or more recently Fall 2014's sneakers. And for Spring 2015, the clothes carried a rebellious and youthful air in the clothes. I loved the opening of the clothes, with the very colourful outfits, this colour scheme was printed onto boots, the lining of jackets and even shirts. Then came the 70s camo, over-sized, casual and effortless. Before finally injecting his Karlism into the show, with sharp collars and tailored suits. I think there's something for everyone this season, the young 70s girl to the chic woman.

What did you think of this collection?
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Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. wow, the final walk with all the models was so good. it gave me goosebumps lol

    1. Haha, same! The finale was really nice and really different to see too :-)


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