The red carpet for the 2013 American Music Awards were rather tame this year, despite Lady Gaga arriving on a human-controlled horse. Pretty much everyone looked good, besides a few errors and mistakes, such as wrong proportions and incorrect hair style choices. Read on, to see my best and worst looks of the night. Don't forget to comment your opinion below!

Miley Cyrus arrives wearing a white-suit by Versace. I think she looks really elegant, whilst keeping her 'sexy' look with the lack of a top. She looks very clean in all white and prepared to sing on stage!

Katy Perry wears Oscar de le Renta. She looks good, but it isn't special. There isn't anything 'wow' about this look and it isn't very memorable. 
Jennifer Hudson wears Dior. I love the colour of the dress, mixed with the pink inside. She looks youthful in this colour and it compliments her skin well. Another 'blah' look, I don't like this style of dress.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kendall looks great, the white really looks good on her, with a statement necklace. However, it's not Kylie's best look. I feel like there's too much with that hair, perhaps a tidy pony-tail?
Taylor Swift glams it up in Julien MacDonald. She looks great, the gold suits her, she went with appropriate heels and hair. Overall, a good look.
Nicole Richie wearing Pucci. I really like this, even though it's cold out, Nicole puts fashion forward. The gold accessories are the perfect compliment to an all white look.
Ariana Grande in Dolce and Gabbana. First of all, too much hair, keep it muted in a smaller style. The hemline of the dress should also be picked up, there's just too much material. She's only 20 and this is far too mature for her. Maybe Hudson's Dior?
Lady Gaga arrives in Versace. After recently becoming the new face of Versace for Spring 2014, there's no doubt she chose the brand. I really like it when she just sticks to these simpler looks. She has great hair, with a wonderful coloured dress. 
Naya Rivera in Michael Kors. One of the most memorable looks of the nights was Rivera's dress. These breast-emphasising dresses, should only be worn by those who are flat chested. The boyish frames of these girls suit the dresses, because the sexiness is subtle. However, when larger chested girls wear this style of dress, it's an overflow of sexiness = becoming tacky.
Rihanna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier. Showing off yet another new hair-style, she looks great. This dress suits her, and her image very well. Nothing new though, I guess it is expected from her.

Which was your favourite look and why?


Photo credit: Getty Images


  1. rihanna, gaga and taylor looked awesome!!! x

  2. Gaga and Naya Rivera were hands down my favourite. X


  3. Love this post Victor, Naya Rivera's outfit is my favourite by far. x


  4. Miley's shoes are awful, Katie should have had a sleek bun w/ that dress, Jennifer's cellulite is peaking through, Kendall needs to stand up straight and Kylie needs to loose the fringe, Taylor's hair needs to be dyed, sorry the ash blonde color does nothing for her, Nicole's dress is too low on her hips, Ariana looks like a 13 year old in her mom's dress, Lady Gaga's hair is all wrong, Naya lost her neck in that dress, and rihanna is too bare, i don't know lol


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