Upon arrival to the presentation of Several AW2015, guests were greeted at the door with English tea in polystyrene cups and the strong (if not aggressive) smell of clams sitting on ice. Then, heading up the ramp of The Wolves PR office, an impressive display of a sea boat, netting and other fish catching equipment was the set of a photoshoot. Creative director, Graeme Fidler was inspired by Chris Killip's photographic series 'Skinningrove', which captured an intimate glimpse into a working class community in Britain during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The collection carried a spirited youth of subcultures, mixed with the rugged working environment creating an intense friction between the nature of personal style and the hardline necessity of function and survival at sea.

With its firm roots in British sub-culture, Several offers an engaging edit of references to serve an informed man with understated clothing that focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and subtle luxury. Several combines traditional wardrobe pieces that are made of new, wearable and relevant items with modernity and detail, which are at the soul of the clothing that it creates.


Photo Credit: Final 3 images by The Wolves 

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  1. Oh that's so cool! I can really see the seaside influences and what a great set too! It's so creative and unique.


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