The house of Dior presented another beautiful collection this year. Designer Raf Simons, had inspiration of classic clothes, with a modern twist. This contemporary edge can be seen, in the forms of bright colours and abstract prints. The collection seems very wearable, with bright pops of colour, perfect for summer.  Hair & make-up was relatively simple, hair combed back, with a bright lip; a make-up trend which has been very popular with Raf.


I love this look, I think that the metallic panelling on the dress is different. I like the modernity of the dress, in sharp contrast with a classic blazer.

For those of you who read my F/W posts, you'll learn I love pant suits! Pant suits are a great look, always simple and sophisticated and sexy at the same time. It looks clean and well put together.
There's something that I just love about this, whether it's the styling or the colour - it looks great!
Raf has introduced this look to the runways, quite a few times before. A light gown, worn this black trousers. I think it looks wonderful, the colour truly 'makes' the look.

This gown is perfect, despite the shoes. I like the symmetrical, fitted top. With the light, ethereal bottom. It looks exquisite!

I think there is too much going on, the colour, the detail, the material etc. I'd never, ever, mix blue with pink. It just doesn't work.
The pants look very similar to pyjamas. They looks sloppy and the top doesn't help.
I'm on this fence with this, it's not my favourite look from the show.
The top looks cheap. I hate that pattern, it looks late 90s. 
This is far too basic for Dior, there is nothing special about it. 


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