This collection was rather 'off' for me. There are some items and looks which really stand out, as beautiful, simple pieces. However, there are some, which seem messy and too casual. Alexander Wang (new creative director at Balenciaga) presented a monochrome collection, with the same modern aesthetic as the Fall/Winter collection, with asymmetric shapes and various cut-outs.


First of all, the hat is hideous - it looks like a New Year's hat. The jumpsuit however is genius, I adore the modernity of the outfit, with two simple cut-outs on the backside.

I love this, it looks very wearable and simple. The two pieces work very well together.
Perfect! Everything about this makes a good outfit, the dress matches the shoes very well, perhaps my favourite look
Very similar to the F/W collection but I like it! It's a well structured, contemporary dress
Very nice! Although I would tighten the pants, to create an even sharper look


This isn't the best look, it looks too shabby and messy
I don't think the dress is very fashion-forward, it seems rather old and out-dated
Nothing works in this look, all the elements appear to be fighting one another, I do like the shoes however!
A basic gown, with basic accents. Something needs to bring it alive 
The bag is beautiful, but it's far too masculine. I simply don't like it



  1. reminds me of a Chanel vibe. I really love the 4th dress <3

    1. Yes! The second look, the swimwear, that is very reminiscent to Chanel. Thanks for your comment :-)


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