Jason Wu plays with many materials, colours and shapes in this collection. This year's cruise involves youthful styling, sexy sheers and beautiful gowns. Plant print was rather prominent, on tops, skirts, dresses, handbags - you name it! He also uses monochrome as a colour base, adding outbursts of colour throughout the collection, with a finale of alluring gowns. 


I love the shapes used in this outfit - the high waist shorts, the cropped longsleeve top with a crisp white shirt.

The styling seen here is marvellous, it's a very admirable look 
Beyond compare!
I simply adore this look, the colour choice is innocent, with the difference between the sexy sheer. Although it actually covers her body, it reveals too
I'd say this is similar to Prabal Gurung F/W 13, using the same materials, cut-outs and shape. It's constructed well, with a clean finish.

This isn't spectacular, the components of this look don't mix well
I don't like this at all, I have no idea whether she's posing like that, or if it's the jacket. 


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