This season, there are many more trends than the last; with up to six ways, to look fabulous and in vogue. Whether you're style is more punk, elegant or masculine-influenced, there is a trend for everyone this season. Either light pastels or edgy menswear, coats and outwear is the main trend this fall, with a lot of fashion houses emphasising on this key element. Here, you'll find the most important trends for this season.

Punk (or 'Vunk' for Versace) was very popular on the catwalks this season. Designers from Versace to Junya Watanabe presented their collections with a 'rough' girl image. Donatella kept her line clean and sharp, the models looked edgy, but still well kept. Hedi showed his collection with more significance on 'rough', the controversial collection evokes 'care-free' style and 'whatever' hip. The key to this trend, is the obvious tartan print, originating from 60s British style. Keep it loose and free, with sharp and dangerous accessories for an ultimate punk look.

(Left to right) Versace, Saint Laurent & Junya Watanabe
Pastels! A trend previously seen in the summer a year ago, it was kept light and feminine. With touches of romance and softness. However it is now winter, with the colours on outerwear and warm coats. Most designers where hesitant presenting the colours on tops and bottoms, simply because that would infer summer and warmth in weather. Alternatively, the colour was shown on coats, Louis Vuitton added a fur lining, for the wealthier customer. Whereas most brands presented the colour on large, masculine-shaped coats.

Rochas, Louis Vuitton & Mulberry
This season, fashion fights back against PETA and anti-fur activists, with a middle-finger. Karl presented his Fendi collection with fur everywhere! If just clothes weren't enough, fur was also worn as headwear. Lanvin presented absolutely beautiful use of fur, the models looked wealthy, glamorous and chic.  This trend can be hard to pull off, avoid cheap furs and poor fabrics. Opt for shinier furs, which look real and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Fendi, Lanvin & Marc Jacobs
Whilst reviewing shows, menswear became a very popular trend on the runways. Fashion houses presented models in masculine structures, typically suits and sharp tailoring. Even adding a briefcase to their collections. However other designers, chose a subtle approach to this trend, with focus on shapes and cuts. Karl and Alexander chose so, their collections had emphasis on typical men's cuts and shapes. 

Michael Kors, Chanel & Alexander Wang
This trend needs a little more justification, initially I was quite confused, however I now understand. Another trend this winter is 'mid-century', styling in the fashion of 50s era. The key to the look, is the skirt - a longer hemline, optionally flared and feminine, with a slight reveal of the legs and ankles. This was actually deemed rather audacious and sexy at the time...

Rochas, Prada & Louis Vuitton
The final trend this season, is masculine materials (linen, tweed etc.) on feminine pieces. Rough tweed, draped across the d√©colletage like a silk scarf. The juxtaposition is very fashion forward yet easy to pull off. The best example comes from Haider Ackermann, men's materials worn in a female way. To follow this trend, stick to the materials mentioned above, styled in a soft way.

Haider Ackermann, Dolce and Gabbana & Calvin Klein Collection

Which is your favourite trend? Will you rock it?



  1. Masculine-shaped coats are my absolute favorite trend at the moment! Both in pastels and monochrome, and I'm definitely going to purchase one. Amazing post Victor. I absolutely love the coats by Rochas and Mulberry!


    1. Thanks Sarah! It's really helpful to see comments from amazing bloggers like yourself :-)

  2. Great post Vic. Very detailed and precise, loved reading it

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :-)


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